Indie Game: The Movie To Receive Downloadable Expansion Pack

It seems appropriate that the first major documentary about video-game makers should get a downloadable expansion, doesn't it?

And so it shall be: Indie Game: The Movie will be getting a new "Special Edition" on July 24 that will contain all manner of short-film and commentary, as well as epilogues for the stories contained in the original documentary. I'm looking forward to it, since after the film's release, we saw a number of the film's storylines reach real-life conclusions more definitive than what occurred over the movie's timeframe.

All credit for that downloadable content joke, I should note, to Mr. Phil Fish, whose game Fez will almost doubtlessly feature as prominently in the new material as it did in the original film. And related to that, if you're not following Phil on Twitter, you're missing out, because he's amazing at Twitter.


    This is an interesting concept, DLC for movies. I can think of some broken movies that might need patching also, like Man of Steel.

    they actually have already made dlc for man of

      Seen it. Hopefully the expansion pack, Justice League, will be much better

    In my day they were called Special Features and they came on shiny plastic discs that shimmered with rainbows when you held them in the light. Magical times, kids.

    I bought the IGTM special edition bluray box set right away. I just couldn't help myself.

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