It's Probably Okay That GTA V Won't Be This Photorealistic

Because then it'd just be goofy.

We all are hoping that Grand Theft Auto V will get a graphical facelift from past games in the series. But I think that, after watching this silly (and quite well-done) video from Ty Green, we can all agree that it's good that GTA V won't be too photorealistic.


    Ahh shit. Great video but this really sends the wrong message.

    Killing innocent people, stealing a car and doing a drive by.

    Anyone who thinks there's something wrong with video game culture only has to see this to have all their fears validated instantly.

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      The video is to illustrate the beauty of the game.

      Driving around obeying the road rules and laws would not make for an interesting video.

      Up vote for the message it sends.

      But in reality, people will have an ounce of fear which might dissuade them from doing this. Note sure if this validates people's fear about video games culture. There are many that are very positive and they don't validate for the good from video games, so I guess it's a matter of perception and application ;)

    I thought this was going to be about ICEenhancer or something. Disappointed.

      Yeah, that last video they showed with an ENB and realistic New York textures set to Group_Inou's 'heart' was bloody amazing.

    Agreed, GTA's car tyres won't look acceptable for another 10 years it seems. GTA V is still using the same blurry mess they drew many years ago when IV was developed from towards the end of San Andreas, to 2007.
    I hope GTA V has good gameplay, because it's age is really going to show in a lot of other places, as there's not a ton of little things everywhere that evolved the game visually (and behind the scenes) like we got between III/Vice/San Andreas.

    Your first car crash in V will put your mind right back in IV with the lame, horrendously dated compacting of the whole car rather than parts dropping off.

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