I've Never Seen The Power Rangers Kick So Much Arse

Over the last few years, animator Mike McCraw has been doing these short Power Rangers clips. They are basically the sketchbook of a '90s kid come to life.

He's done four of the five, with only Red Ranger missing.

A warning: you might end up watching these all day.

Mike McCraw [Site, via Super Punch]


    How can you forget about the green/white ranger

    The very first power rangers series I liked, especially who played the pink ranger (amy jonhnson or something), had a small crush on her for its time :)

      Pretty sure every boy watching the first ones did, me included

    The black and blue suits are way to buff. I like the animation, but it just doesn't suit Power Rangers.

    4 of the 5? What about the Green/White Ranger?
    Tommy was a total boss.

    Also, the Yellow Ranger didn't have a skirt/boobs.

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