Just Cause 2's Ambitious Multiplayer Mod Might Actually Come Out Soon

Following last week's test (footage of the test above), JC2-MP developer Philpax submitted a lengthy post to the mod's forums discussing the project's past, present and future.

"We are hoping to release JC2-MP within the next few months, client and server included, so that anyone can host a server and play." Philpax wrote. "It's been a long time coming, but we want to make this the best possible mod it can be. We'll bring you more information as we get closer to release."

Philpax then noted that "We plan to resolve as many of the issues from [the current version of the mod] as soon as possible, and run a test at our convenience." He also thanked the rest of the development team and the testers for their hard work.

The post is, for the most part, a fairly comprehensive and quite interesting retrospective of the mod's journey so far, complete with footage from each big public test, so I'd really recommend giving it a read. As for the mod itself, well — you heard the guy. More tests, more shenanigans!

A Retrospective [JC2-MP Forums]


    It's feeling more and more complete every test, this last test I was able to shoot back at people AND hit them despite lag which was nice for a change.

    I wasn't able to stay connected for more than a few minutes, more often than not I got the "no connection" error before I even parachuted to the ground!

    I've really got to start keeping an eye out for when they do their public tests.

    This is actually the sort of multi I would play. I would LOVE to play a giant map with only a few players on it. Sounds weird, I know, but it'd be a great game of cat and mouse.

    Missed out on the last session. That'll teach me for not checking my emails daily...

    Not happy Jan.

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