Killing Titans Is Way Harder Than I Thought It Would Be

Ever wanted to kill a giant Attack On Titan-style? Well now’s your chance. This browser-based fan game, Titan Hunter (巨人の猎手 ), allows you to do just that.

Armed with two swords and a gas-powered grapple-belt you fly through the city, trying to slash at the titans’ weak spot: the back of their necks.

However, if this game accurately presents what it takes to bring down a titan, it seems I would be dead within seconds of the start of my first battle. Over the course of the first half hour I played this game, I managed to kill just two titans — one small and one mid-size — while my body count was in the dozens.

This is mainly due to how difficult the grapple belt is to control. At a distance, your two grapple guns shoot at opposing 45-degree angles. This is perfect for when you are flying down a street with buildings on either side — but not so much when only one has a grapple target building within range.

Then, when you get close enough, your grapple guns suddenly fire straight, allowing you to scale buildings — or titans — with relative ease. Of course, if a titan is facing you when you try that, you’ll likely end up as its next meal.

The graphics are rudimentary, to say the least — with the buildings being grayish-brown blobs and the titans being little more than peach-colored ones — but as it is still a work-in-progress, that’s more or less forgivable. And while difficult to control, it’s still a fun little game to play around with — and like anything, it gets easier with practice.

To see how Titan Hunter looks in action, check out the video above. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, head over to the game’s homepage and try it out for yourself.


    Maybe your equipment was faulty, try swapping belts with Wagner.

    But does the game allow me to eat a potato?



      It wasn't exactly hidden or exclusive or anything, it was on reddit like two or three weeks ago.

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