Killzone: Shadow Fall: Watch Me Shoot Things


    Sadly Killzone: Shadow Fall is locked at 30fps as mentioned by their developer.

      They did say that they would optimise to try to hit 60fps by using Umbra, lod's and streaming... But this late into development, it isnt likely. Honestly I don't think that the light 60fps feel would work for killzone, a game known for its weighty-claustrophobic feel... As a fan its one of the things I like about the series.

      Usually the benchmarks will show variations between something like 20-100FPS. You can get an average of over 60FPS, but that means very little if your game runs at 150FPS on a menu screen and then lags in other more intense areas [where it matters the most].

      I'd rather have a locked 30FPS, specially for KZ.

      I wonder if they support stereoscopic 3D this time around.

      Also what about the PS Sharp Shooter support?

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    I'm a killzone fan... I'll get this day 1.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall - With 75% less brown.

    I am personally the tiniest bit more excited for Killzone: Mercenary, haha'. BUT, will still be picking this up at launch!

    I haven't heard anything about split-screen co-op, but I hope something goes the way of the original Resistance and let's us do it... It was the best part of picking up my launch PS3!

    I think that this game looks really good i already preordered it but its one if the first games in the ps4 so it is going to be beaten in like a month when they put a new call of duty for ps4

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