Kingdom Hearts Looks Just As Delightful As You Remember

Man, this new Kingdom Hearts 1.5 trailer brings back memories. I can't believe it's already been 11 years since Square's action-RPG first came out.

This trailer, of course, is for the HD remake of Kingdom Hearts that will be out for PS3 on September 10.

Really, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is kind of a dumb name, since this is a remake of Kingdom Hearts 1, not some sort of bridge between 1 and 2. But hey, this is the series responsible for gems like Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days, so in that light, I guess 1.5 ain't so bad.


    I'm sorry to say that I've never played any of the KH games.

    But since KH 1.5 won't be out until September, would it make sense to start off with Birth by Sleep for the PSP since its a prequel?

    Or am I better off starting with KH 1.5?

      Start with 1.5. Although BBS is a prequel, there are a lot of elements included that requires you to play KH1 to be able to understand. If you're impatient, just emulate the game or buy it.

      Birth By Sleep is a sort of prequel that isn't super necessary to play, although it's one of the best PSP games out there. You should definitely play them in the order that they were created. A lot of mechanics are introduced even in KH 2 that will make the first one a bit frustrating to go back to afterwards.

        Birth by Sleep is super necessary to play if you plan on playing KH3

          Oh really? It's hard to keep up with which ones are integral or not. I did kick myself for not suffering through the 'gameplay' of Chain of Memories when I played KH 2 though.

        I definitely agree. Birth by Sleep also has a lot of nods to Kingdom Hearts 1 (and some to KH2) that you just wouldn't get the benefit of if you play it first.

      Birth by Sleep would be even more confusing without getting to know some of the allusions first. Start with 1.5 I'd say.

      For the love of God, do not start with BBS. It may be a prequel, but as a prequel it spoils the later games. Consider watching Star Wars Episode III before the original trilogy; it would spoil Episode V's big reveal, no? Same difference.

      Your best bet is to play them in release order. And do ignore Geometric's comment that BBS isn't super necessary to play; DDD and eventually KH3 will draw heavily from the plot threads it sets up, so yes, BBS is necessary. The only one that isn't is Coded.

      For the record; KH1 -> Re:CoM -> Days -> KH2 -> BBS -> DDD -> KH3

      Also, Jason Schreier, it's called 1.5 remix because it also remakes Re:Coded and contains the cutscenes of Days, which DO, in fact, bridge 1 and 2. Do your research.

        My bad didn't know how it all linked in, sorry for the misinformation. I more meant it's not necessary to play first though, but my comment doesn't make that clear.

      Definitely start off with KH 1.5. As geometrics said, play them mostly in the order they were created. :D

    Gems like Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days? I was quite disappointed in Dream Drop Distance, although I suppose I did enjoy 358/2 Days quite a bit... but I don't think they're gems. Kingdom Hearts 2 is the best game IMHO, in leagues with Birth By Sleep. I'm just hoping they hone in on what's important in the series and cut out all the fluff that was exaggerated through the handheld releases.

    Since KH won't be out until September, I recommend getting GTA5 instead :D

    You would think that square would want to bring 1.5 out on the xbox too, since they are planing on bringing KH3 out on the xbox one.
    also this would make me very happy being a massive KH fan and not owning a PS3 still i can always hook up the PS2 and play the originals on that ^_^

    "1.5" sort of DOES makes sense because Chain of Memories is actually a bridge to KH2 or did the author just totally disregard Chain of Memories?

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