Korean TV Commercials To Delight, Amaze And Baffle

Japan doesn't have a monopoly on interesting and unusual commercials. Neighbouring South Korea has its fair share of peculiar ads. Some of them, like the RoboCop one, are classics. Others, you might not have seen. Have a look.

CrusaderCast [YouTube]


    That pizza Hut one was bizzare. Good to see other countries ads though. Also hot South Korean girls :)

    I liked the last ad the best

      that one was actually japanese

    Why is the Back to the Future score playing when Robocop is on screen?

      I'm stilll trying to figure out what crime the fridge was related to that couldn't be resolved by shooting at it.

    that android baby one reminds me of the original xbox trailer were that guy is shot out from his mother then ages over the corse of the video somehow advertising xbox

    "Hey. Sup."
    "N'much. Whatcha doin'?"
    "Watching random Korean TV ads."
    "Cool. Ten years ago, I'd have asked why, but the Internet is our new master and I don't ask anymore."

    The Ants Pants one where the girl has ants crawling over her lower region (probably should see a doctor) and then has an echidna go down to lick them all up.......only in Australia does that seem normal

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