Let's Be Real About Our Unplayed Steam Games

Look, I know how easy it is to buy something on sale. There's probably nothing I can say that will stop you from indulging in the yearly Steam summer sale. Still, I find that sale time is a good time to reflect on my PC gaming library — specifically, the tons of games I haven't played yet.

The Steam Calculator is a good resource here. Just type in your Steam profile name and it'll give you a breakdown of your game library — how many games you own, how many games you've never played, and what the worth of all your games put together is. Me? I own 146 games, which all together are worth $2059.67. I haven't played 69 of these games. That's nearly half! Geez, how did that happen? And this is that it's not counting games from other services. I'm not even sure I want to know.

What about you? While I encourage you to take a hard look at your game library, here's to adding more to our piles of shame — because let's be real, most of us won't go through our library of unplayed games. That's just how it is. And kudos for those of you that do manage to play through most of your Steam library. You guys are champs.

If you are interested in taking on the herculean task of actually going through your unfinished games, remember there's stuff like Backloggery to help you through it!


    Kotaku, you broke Steam

    "Steam Calculator
    Steam is very slow at the moment, and unfortunately this is killing our performance too.
    Calculator will be back soon!

    Kotaku, any other week of the year would have been fine for posting an article about the calculator though."

      KOTAKU NO!!!

        I am reminded of this strip from The Trenches, when screens of a F2P game in development gets leaked to Kotaku.


    Well the good thing is that we're supporting the developers right?

      Depends on the game. If the game is made by Valve who self publish then yes.

      But if the game is made by someone else, the majority of what you pay goes to the publisher and only a small amount goes to the developer.

      That is assuming the developer is still around. If the developer has closed down, I think the publisher pockets the lot.

    I take the psychological stance that I am a collector of games. The great thing is, I can play them without devaluing them unlike taking a physical game out of its box.

      This person understands how Steam Sales work! I haven't played 83% of my library. Does this mean I won't buy any more - HELL NO!

      That's because you lost 100% of the value as soon as you purchased them. You can't get anything for them now.

    I don't think I will go too crazy this time, I've probably bought just about every bargain game!

    Although I did just buy the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC >_>

      I just bought Legendary as I only have Skyrim and all 3 DLCs were as expensive as Legendary...

        I already had Dawnguard and don't care about the other DLC so it was cheaper just to buy Dragonborn.

        But now I've just bought Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition for $12.49 because its cheaper than buying the DLC on PS3.

        I may need to block myself from Steam...

      Yeah. You THINK you've bought everything. But you will find yourself to be wrong! Soooon... Soon.


    The Dictionary of Numbers told me this:

    "$2059.67 [≈ One Starbucks latte per day for a year]"

    Compared to a one-off coffee hit, I'd say you're doing the right thing.

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