Let’s Watch Other People Play Cube World

Unfortunately, due to a number of server issues — which the developers say has acted similar to a DDoS attack — not everyone has been able to buy Cube World, the awesome-looking voxel adventure-RPG. What’s the next best thing? Watching other people play it while we wait for the servers to stabilise, of course.

The first video in this post is a guide for starting players by GenerationHollow — it might be good to watch as prep before you play.

These next few are just good ‘ol gameplay videos (from customisation, combat, and some other stuff) by ZeMachinima, SoTotallyToby and GLOCKlan2. The game looks about as fantastic as you’d expect.


  • I’m loving this game, so awesome for only alpha…
    … currently level 10 with my pet tank turtle (with 150% riding speed :))

    • I agree, great fun for an alpha. I wouldn’t level up riding too much – hang gliding is where it’s at! I’m about level 20 with a similar level bark beetle pet. More importantly – 300% hang gliding speed!

      • Doesn’t bother me much to respec… It’s pretty cheap.
        I am finding the fast run speed while on a Tortoise is just awesome tho.

        One thing I hope they don’t fix is when eating and sitting down, you can jump… Looks so funny.

    • Level 4 here, perhaps I’m focussing on the wrong thing. I’ve been going all out on attack points :s (At least you can refocus those points).

      Highly addictive, and a lot of fun. I cannot thank my pet enough for the help.

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