Lightning As Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy VII For Pre-Order Bonus


    Another slap in the face for people who actually want a new FFVII and instead keep getting XIII-games?

      I'd sacrifice my first born child if only to ensure they never remake FFVII.

      Those who want a remake are vastly outnumbered by those who don't. You can't repaint the Mona Lisa

        Why wouldn't you want it? Even if turns to be horrifically bad, you could just ignore it and play the original. And if it turns out to be awesome?...

    I remember when Lightning was first revealed... 'A female Cloud' they say...

    Know what? Fuck it. That's cool.

    Hey I might actually consider this third XIII game now.

    They just got my preorder. Well played Squeenix. Well played.

    Also by the looks of it we will also get a steelcase and Samurai costume for preordering in EU/pal territories.

    Now the question is... can she also look like a Miqo'te WHILE dressed as Cloud? Because that might be enough to get me to pre-order the game rather than wait for it to release.

    I was going to preorder anyway, so yeah load me up with bonuses!

    Nice try Squeenix. Still not buying it.

      Not even for... Lightning in a Miqo'te outfit? (in case you're unfamiliar with the race, Miqo'te are the cat people from FFXIV)

    I find this much more attractive than I am comfortable with. Is it just me?

    Guys chill out its ok. Don't forget they are still releasing FFXV, or at least we think so

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