Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Has Some Rockin’ Violin

Pretty CGI? Check. Awesome music? Check. No idea what's going on? Check. Yep, this is Final Fantasy.

I'm digging what I've seen so far from the third FFXIII game, and this new trailer is pretty neat too. For more on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (which is out this February for PS3 and Xbox 360), check out my hands-on thoughts.



    Still not preordering til the special edition is announced...

    FFXIII is undoubtedly terrible, but my god, if that battle music isn't brilliant, I have no idea what is.

      FFXIII is undoubtedly terrible

      I beg to doubt it!

        I liked the paradigm system, but everything else could barely pass as a game. I know it's a bit of a cliche argument, but linear hallways, auto-battle; the only time that game was somewhat challenging and exciting was when you fought bosses. The endless amount of trash and standard enemies across stupidly long levels was nearly enough to make me brain dead. They recycled so much, it was just terrible and lazy game design by its definition.

        I never played FFXIII-2 or any of the others in that series (was there a FFXIII-3?) because honestly, given the history of FF's quality and integrity as a leading JRPG series, FFXIII was just a joke.

        I do like Lightning though. I did think she was a good character. And the art for that game is obviously astounding, but the actual game itself is just abysmal, coming from a long time FF fan.

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          I respect your opinion, but get defensive when I see absolute statements such as 'undoubtably terrible', because I really enjoyed FFXIII and I liked FFXIII-2 even more!

          As for FFXIII-3, that is essentially what Lightning Returns is.

          Perhaps if you see FFXIII-2 cheap (I've seen it new in JB's for $15) you could give it a try? It sounds like FFXIII was too much of a departure from what you loved about FF, whereas now that those expectations have been broken you might find something to like about it on its own.

          It does seem to be a polarising series though. For instance, the battle system that was a negative to you (re: auto) I found to be really fun. I'm glad it has been popular enough to warrant the sequels. If you like Lightning as a character, maybe apply the same principle as above to her game too i.e. grab it cheap 6 months after release?

          I had only played FF7 and FF8 (didn't have a PS2) before FF13 - and they was many years apart. For me, FF13 really evoked the memories of those games, but I didn't have strong pre-conceptions of what the details of the game had to be. I can sympathise with you that as a long time final fantasy fan that name means certain things, certain party, combat and level structure, but I wonder if those preconceptions are stoping you from enjoying an otherwise fine game?

          Maybe you should try FF13 again? I didn't get into P3P the first time I played it, but the second time I loved it :P

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            Even if FFXIII wasn't a FF game, I would still think it is bad.

            Coming from a purely design perspective, there is just so much linear grind that is completely unnecessary nor varying. I honestly felt like the only control I REALLY had was shifting paradigms, which only REALLY mattered on bosses.

            When you got to Grand Pulse (I believe it is called? The world below?) things changed up a bit, but how far was that into the game? More than 50%? It should have been like that from the beginning.

            This is just my opinion though. I try to be as critical as I can with games, and I'm not really the one to excuse shit game design because it has a good story or it has attractive graphics. This is just me though, and I know it's not really the right attitude to have when approaching JRPGs as they do tend to be very story heavy, but really, there isn't much excuse for levels that long, full of the same enemies in the same formations other than to cash in the FF IP for half the effort.

      I agree, FFXIII is like a terrible joke that keeps getting repeated at parties.

        Pity it isn't to your taste, but actually a lot of people are really looking forward to Lightning's Return.

          I'm just glad that after this, we'll never have to hear about it again.

            I'll be doing my best to keep her memory alive.

            >follows jeeves around kotaku,
            >replies to every comment he makes with an antecdote about lightning.

            Lightning for KH3
            Lightning for next Dissidia
            Lightning cameo in FFXV
            Lightning prequel game ;)

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              eh, what villainy is this!?!?! I CURSE YOU!

              How dare you carry an opinion different from mine!!!

              *Equips Paladin Shield.

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    I guess I must be in the minority seriously because I think the 13 series is one of the best. 13 had one of the best story lines of any rpg that I can remember and to me the best group of characters. Lighting is the best protagonist in the final fantasy series IMO. 13-2 could have been handled differently even though I still like it. I still don't know how they took lightning out as the main character, but hey it is what it is. I'm not too thrilled about being timed in lightning returns, but I'm sure I'll deal with it.

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