Little Witch Academia 2 Is Now Officially Funded. Hooray!

Well, that didn't take long. Little Witch Academia 2 was on Kickstarter for three hours before being fully funded. The page lists no stretch goals, although it sounds as if they're coming soon.

Beyond that, Trigger's Facebook page also suggests they're looking into dubbing the new animated short.

You might recall that Little Witch Academia is a bit like Japanese Harry Potter, except cuter. Here's the pitch from the Kickstarter for LWA2, if you'd like to watch it:

What is concretely known is that the new episode will be at least 20 minutes and will be subtitled in seven different languages. The Kickstarter says they'll add 15 minutes if they get "enough" support, although it's unclear how much exactly that requires.

The original, must-watch short is here:



      Also, since the author appears to fail at comprehension: This kickstarter is *for* the extra 15 minutes. So that fact that its succeeded means it will be 35 minutes (instead of 20).
      The real question is, since its already at $300,000 (out of $150,000); what other extra's will be added?
      My initial thought is "how much for a feature length film?" But I worry that something like that might ruin the original vision...

    Yay :D
    I've been waiting for this since I saw the first one!

    Two things. One is: thanks again Kotaku...if i didn't read about it on here i might have missed the first one. The second things is: i'm scared. Like Tyris says what if they do manage to ruin it? fingers crossed it turns out as fun and lighthearted as the first. And more Sucy and her potions!

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