Mad Europeans Re-Enact Lord Of The Rings Battles In Full Armour

Mad Europeans Re-Enact Lord Of The Rings Battles In Full Armour

These images were taken at the “Battle For Middle Earth”. While it shares a name, I can assure you this is at least 100x cooler than EA’s middling Lord of the Rings strategy series.

Taking place in the Czech Republic, it was an enormous LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) event, mixed with more than a little cosplay, which saw participants assume the role of a character from Middle Earth, join up with their faction (I can see Mordor, Easterlings, Rohan and Elves… along with a certain wizard), do a little role-playing then smash each other around for a bit in giant pitched battles.

They really went all out. Not only are some of the costumes great work, but they even built a wee castle so they could have a siege.

The event took place last year, but the images were shared with only last week. You can check out the full gallery at the link below.

Pán Prstenů – Bitva o Středozem [2012] by Stano Buštor [Facebook]


  • Hey now!

    The battle of middle earth games are some of the solidest RTS games out there.

    BFME 2 has a special place in the hearts of me and my friends.

    • Mine too, I’ll always love those men of dale wielding plasma guns-I mean fire arrows. Get a few blocks of pike men and turtling castles as well and it’s good times. Of course I haven’t had a chance to play human players so it’s probably the least effective strategy in the world but I like it 🙂

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