Mad Max Will Have Aussie Protagonist After All

When Stephen saw it or, rather, heard it, Mad Max's characters had no Australian accents, and developers Avalanche Studios had no plans to include them, upsetting Mad Max devotees of all national origins. That posture has been officially reversed.

Christofer Sundberg is the founder of Avalanche Studios, makers of badass action series such as Just Cause. So you may consider his word law. Glad we cleared that up! I know Luke will be pleased. Now, will Max walk with a limp? And will he drive a 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351 Coupe?


    Australian accent?
    Or an American doing his 'best' Australian accent? (which ends up being a bad mash of English, New Zealand and South African accents)

      Ugh please no... I hope they aren't thinking of doing a Tarantino there =/

        Oi blackies, brought some dynamite for you to play with

      Mad Max was always an American doing his 'best' Australian accent...

      Yeah, I know we claimed Mel for a little while, but we gave him back once his insanity became public knowledge.

        Mel's accent was pretty good though

          Yeah, it was fine. He lived here for a long while.

          I just have something of a fascination with the way we claim or reject celebrities. It felt like people here claimed Mel until his public image started to slide, at which point he had always been a yank.

          I also love that Sydney has plaques all along the harbour essentially commemorating the various famous people put their feet on Australian soil.

            Exactly. We claimed Russel Crowe as Aussie until his phone throwing tantrum, and now we consider him a Kiwi.

              I still remember the news story that came from the incident. Before hand they would always say, "Australian actor Russel Crow..." Then he throws a phone and that night on the same station, "New Zealand born Australian actor Russel Crow"

        It was a genuine accent. He lived here from childhood for 11 years before doing Mad Max.
        You can hear the Aussie accent come through in some scenes of Lethal Weapon.

    Dead Island 'aussie' accents please!

      God no, PLEASE NO!

        Seriously? Dead Island has the best Aussie accent I've ever heard - Purnas.

        But yes the rest ARE canucks or yanks sounding quasi-british, true.

        Although, Sinamoi is Steve Blum, so it's like hearing Wolverine telling you what to do. So that's kinda cool.

    I want vegimite sanwiches as powerups, a giant fosters can as a superpowerup, and lets not foget the ultimate unlockable weapon.

    The boot.

    Failing that a regular shoe, but it better be a wingtip.

      Don't ask for Fosters as a Superpower up - it is owned by a Pommy group now despite being based in Melbourne still. Oh and the Classification Board will probably take issue with it and ban the game from sale as well.

        Why are you taking it so seriously?

          Because nobody in Australia drinks Foster's - it was always crap here. Whatever we're exporting is apparently good, though. That's why so serious!

            I understand that, but that guy was pretty passionate about something that didn't matter.

      I have never met anyone who drinks fosters ever, in fact i think ive only seen it once. I dont know why they dont just associate vb with aussies cause thats the beer we all associate australia with

        Fosters used to be everywhere, it was only when VB and XXXX came on the Beer stage that Fosters fell into the realm of "Aussie beer not drunk by Aussies".

        Completely agree. Went to America recently where they advertise Foster's as the definitive Australian beer. I've never seen anyone in my life have a Foster's here in Australia. Victoria Bitter, on the other hand...

    hmm Hugh Jackman or Hugo Weaving.. ? Elrond or wolverine?

      Of those two, I think Jackman's voice would be a better fit. I just recently watched 'Rise of the Guardians', though, and somehow he didn't sound very legitimately Aussie. I guess they were trying to exaggerate and cartoon it up.

      *ahem* Mel Gibson?

        Yeah I thought about Mel, but isn't he still a bit of a whackjob at the moment that no-one will touch with a 2ft + pole?
        Hmm actually thinking about it, Mad Mel might be a perfect fit lol

          I wonder if he's been sufficiently humbled to work for Video Game Peanuts... even if it is a reprisal of his movie role.

          I dunno. Judging from the reaction to his comments, I think you'd get a pretty long line forming if you offered people the opportunity to touch him with a 2, or 10, foot pole...

    What type of game will this be? It looks interesting, maybe an RPG or GTA styled thing?

    Thanks Avalanche, that's all kinds of awesome. Much appreciated. :D

    Last edited 03/07/13 8:51 am

    They need to hire the policemen at the end of Point Break.

      Aw God that was bad. The American cars parked on the right side of the road, the big sign saying 'drug store' and the cop saying 'we'll git 'im whin he comes bick eeen'. It was horrendous.

      That has to be the bench mark for bad Australian accents!
      That scene is the first thing I think of when people talk about bad Australian accents. "wee'll git im whin e comes bick een" is forever burned in my brain.

        It held the title for a long, long time. But Tarantino is the new champion after his effort in Django Unchained.

        While on the subject of Point Break, though, I love the fact that the director (Kathryn Bigelow) went on to win an oscar for The Hurt Locker. Because now we can refer to her as "the academy award winning director of Point Break".

      Funny you should mention that movie. Cops'n'Robbers lobby-shooter/MMO APB is doing nixon masks as part of a holiday thing.

        Payday: The Heist had Presidential masks too. It was awesome.

        Last edited 03/07/13 7:25 pm

      Hahahaha. "We'll get 'im when ee comes back een!"

      ..."He's not coming back" - *throws badge*

    What if listening to crowd feedback becomes the new trendy thing? Like celebrities adopting an African child? What if every game developer starts to do it until their games run the risk of being generically crowd powered? What next? Does the audience feel they're entitled to make major changes to a game? Does the audience feel that a game isn't a game unless the dev has backpeddled on at least one major choice? Do devs start purposely previewing their games with obvious traits that people will want changed so that they can look like heroes? I can see it now "here at Game Studio X we felt strongly that Lara Croft's pink afro hairdo and ranbow jumpsuit was an important part of telling her story but the fans have spoken and ... we've listened. We're pleased to announce Lara will look like she always has. This is just another example of how we at Game Studio X really listen to our fans".

    What next!? WHAT NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry, too much caffeine this morning.

      This might be be having too much faith in the angry mob, but the back peddles seem to be made when both the backing and the argument is strong.

      What next? Horse masks on every major videogame character.

        Yes! YES! I'm not the only one that sees it!

    "Two days ago I saw a vehicle that could haul that tanker. You want to get out of here, you talk to me."

      "They say people don't believe in heroes anymore. Well damn them! You and me, Max, we're gonna give them back their heroes!"

      "Two men enter, one man leaves"

      (oblig futurama ref; "And a short time later the other man leaves after being declared the winner")

      "just walk away, that's all you have to do, just walk away"(gotta love the Humungous...and the feral kid)

    Hope it's all characters and not just Aussie Max surrounded by Seppo accents

    I don't actually have particularly high hopes for this, because Avalanche are also responsible for the Southeast Asian accents in Just Cause 2, which were so gratingly terrible (or at least cartoonily exaggerated) that my Malaysian wife would leave the room any time I was playing.

    Last edited 03/07/13 2:04 pm

      I couldn't agree more.

      Also, if the player character *wasn't Australian to start off with, then it wasn't a Mad Max game* - it was just another 'Murican post-apocalyptic game. If they want to make a version of Fallout that doesn't crash every 10 minutes, cool, they should (because we know that Beta-thesda can't) - but don't pretend it's Mad Max when it's not. They don't even understand the IP ITSELF. Forget these jokers.

    Hooray, fan pressure! Now we just have to pray they either use an Australian voice actor or someone who can actually fake a good Australian accent (which, unless it's Robert Downey Jr, is basically no one).

    Just hire an Australian to do the voice and be done with it. There are 20-odd million of us ;-)

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