Mad Max's First Gameplay Trailer Looks Perfectly Hopeless, In A Good Way

The thing about the Mad Max movies is that it looks like somebody already tried to save the world and failed at it. And what we see are the terrible remains. The newest trailer for Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max puts its headbutting, car-combat action smack dab in the middle of that world. Thank goodness.

And, if you were thinking that Mad Max might just be a next-gen release because it premiered at Sony’s E3 event this year, think again. It’s also going to be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 when it comes out in 2014.


    i think there was 1 second of real gameplay footage there.

      Didn't you hear? Cutscenes rendered in engine IS considered gameplay these days!

      Graphics and Gameplay are synonymous aren't they?


        Or in some cases, is actual gameplay (Ryse: Sone of Rome) :-)

          But that game is just one big QTE cutscene

      same with bioshock infinite and call of duty but you dont hear me complaining

    Reminds me of Rage. That game had some serious potential, but just seemed a little rushed.

      I am reminded to reinstall that at some point soon. Treat it like a post-apocalyptic version of quake, with a karting game in it.

      On release it suffered, in my mind, from the dual problems of completely failing to meet the 'open world' hype (open world in this case = really, really fucking long corridor with nothing in it, with all the fun of back-tracking), plus the truly eye-gougingly-bad graphics.

      I'm sure the graphics have been patched into acceptability now, and the open-world letdown will probably have faded. Might be an OK game to fire up now.

        Good point about the karting plus FPS game. Maybe I'll have another go too. Along with the thousand other games I'd say I'd play again.

        There was nothing open world about that game, but maybe it was too ambitious. It obviously didn't have the processor power to do what it had hoped to do (I played on xbox) maybe next Gen will sort some of those issues.

        I think the problem was people were under the impression RAGE would be Borderlands meets Fallout, when it was never going to be either. Yes it had similarities, but it was always an FPS game with RPG elements.

        The graphics are pretty bad... except that's more of a problem with the textures. The character models and the environment are actually quite stunning, and the game is incredibly stable if you create the correct .cfg file for your system (out of the box, the game runs like shit)... This is no excuse though, id tried to create a game that would autodetect your system settings and run it best for your system... unfortunately it didn't work though, requiring only those with the know how to create a .cfg file.

        the id tech 5 engine at its roots is amazing, and incredibly stable... The game alt-tabs incredibly well. It is just a shame the uncompressed textures for RAGE were supposedly 1 terabyte. Hence why the game suffered at launch, because they had to compress the hell out of them to release it.

          I think you are right, and that's the problem that games/movies and really anything in this world. People have expectation before they even get their hands on something. Sure marketing and hype are to blame, but if we went in with an open mind about most things, you'd probably find that we aren't that disappointed all the time. I for one do this. I loved rage. I didn't think it was going to be anything, and Id even said it's a shooter, and that's exactly what it was, with some added features. It's still one of my fav games. I've played it a few times.

            I'm in the middle of a replay right now!

            I actually reckon it's a really good looking game, except of course unless you're sitting there staring at the local textures... But in movement you can't tell.

              That's good. I'll do a little research on config files while reinstalling I think.
              When I first loaded it on launch, all you needed to do was turn 180degrees - and not very quickly either, and for several horrible seconds it was like a time-machine to how games looked in 1995.

    Oz icon drivin Ford Falcon Interceptor + Murkin accent + Murkin song = septic fail.
    Death to the seppo's for insulting Strayans.

    This trailer does not give me hope of this being a good game.

      You are entitled to your opinion, but I really dislike people that base an entire game off one trailer, this one being 1:51 long. Maybe it's the dev's (or whoever produced the trailer) fault that the trailer doesn't blow your pants off straight away, but then they would be accused of hyping up their game. I for one think that trailers (especially movie) are too long and tell you too much of the story. Game trailers can normally get away with doing this, as most are 8+ hours experience - but I like a little mystery.

      This trailer didn't invoke anything in me, other than the thought that it would be good if it was a mix between Rage and fallout. But I imagine it will be something similar to Just cause in a post apocalyptic setting, which doesn't sound that bad to me - but there is no way I can pass judgement after seeing 1 minute 51 seconds of the game. Just saying.

        I'm very good at calling these things. Trust me. In a trailer they normally try and wow you with the best bits they've got so far. Like movies (and yeah, I hate trailers that reveal the whole plot). So this trailer says to me that they've made a very pretty open world in which you can participate in awkward melee combat, car combat and awkward flying-fox animations. When they can't show you something original, or at least mind blowing, in a trailer it's a worrying sign. Like The Interns trailers, the punch line they hit you with us 'on the line' you know they haven't got much up their sleeve in the way of good jokes.

        But the game is still a while away yet, they could be trying to show it off too soon. I hope I'm wrong because I absolutely love Mad Max and I adore open world post apocalyptic games like Fallout. If I'm wrong I'll be a very happy person.

        Last edited 16/07/13 2:18 pm

          "I'm very good at calling these things. Trust me.".

          Case closed guys, everyone move on.

            Everyone laughed at me when I said the Conan movie would be crap based on the trailer. And look what happened ... LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

              Better at calling than me, then.
              I thought the high-def Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers looked pretty badass, and I was a mouse-hovering one click away from preordering on the final day when Steam sent me a message saying the preorder bonus would be disappearing that day. But then I thought, "Neh. I'm sick of giving in to this preorder bullshit." True story. Could've been a terrible, terrible fate.

              Well. I mean. It's not like telling folks you called in sick to work at your job in the twin towers on the day of 9/11. But y'know. SIXTY BUCKS!

    Not impressed with the music and American voice over.

    I guess when Avalanche said "don't worry of course Mad Max will have an Australian accent" they meant "don't worry ONLY Mad Max will have an Australian accent".

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