Man Falls Asleep While Playing Eve Online. Hijinks Ensue.

This is one of those things where you can't really explain why it's funny, it just is. This is the story of a man who fell asleep whilst playing Eve Online and made a funny noise whilst sleeping.

See, I told you I couldn't explain why it was funny! Just watch it already!

I guess the closest thing is this: every group of friends has had that one moment where something completely random just cracks everyone up to the point where you can't even breathe you're laughing so hard. This is what this moment is. It's awesome.


    Damn, that's funny and I don't know why. I had to stop watching by about the 1:30 mark because I'm at work and I was about to lose my shit here in the office.

    Literally almost had a dry drowning trying to have a drink of water when he made the sound hahaha

    I Think its the joy that there getting out of it. That is really worth it.

    yeah that was heaps funnier than I expected. :D

    "fell asleep whilst playing Eve Online" about sums up the game.

      Oh hi. You must be fun at parties.

        Unlike anyone who plays Eve Online.

    This is bloody brilliant, so funny.

    It's like a chipmunk burp contest...

    One time I remember playing Gear of War and a friend stopped moving and then we heard a snuffling sound out of his mic. We got 5 minutes of this sound before I called my friend's partner to find out what was going on. Turns out he'd fallen asleep and slumped down the dogs had come up and started sniffing and licking him - it didn't wake him.

    Reminds me of the sound Mudokons make in the Oddworld games. He-lo!

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