Man On Unicycle Plays Game Of Thrones Theme On Flaming Bagpipes


    I could totally do that if I wanted to but I don't wanna so I won't....

    Wasn't there a Darth Vader on a unicycle playing bagpipes? Gotta be the same guy, surely.

    I think I know who I'm now voting for in the next election.

    Proof that you really CAN find whatever you want on the Internet ...

    While theres no Game of Throning going on for this guy, he's far better than this unicycle guy.

      Pat yourself on the back, you just blew me away with that! lol

      Anyone who wants to see him in action, here he is auditioning on Australias got talent:

      He's sensational!

    I kind of want the sheet music...

      I thought it really didn't suit the bagpipes. Sounded kinda terrible to me (though I give them big points for doing it)

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