Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot

Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot

Seeing as how it’s an unbreakable metal, the adamantium that laces Wolverine’s bones is probably hella expensive. But, cripes, it costs a whole hell of a lot more now.

Mashable put together a set of infographics that postulates It’s a fun group of images but, c’mon, no way are batarangs six dollars each. And could Wayne Manor ever have been as cheap as $US3,800? Even in 1938? And how many zoning laws do you think the batcave violated? You know none of that construction had a permit, either. You’ve gotta account for the palm-greasing graft, uh, campaign donations, Mashable. And Clark Kent taking the subway? What if his super-hearing catches wind of an emergency? Is he just gonna bust through the F train tunnel to get there in time? Next, you’ll tell us that Matt Murdock buys new designer shades every three months. Can someone run that through an inflation calculator and see what the results is? Be sure to imagine a totally unreasonable price for blind ninja lawyer sunglasses first!

Yoga retreat for the Hulk is pretty funny, though.

Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot
Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot

[Mashable, via Laughing Squid]


  • Jesus, Wayne Manor for $444k? You couldn’t even buy a shoebox to piss in for that much in Sydney.

    • Sure, but Sydney isn’t regularly besieged by terrorists who cause mass destruction and death, either. That crap happens every week in Gotham.

  • Enjoyable article, but I’m not sure if the prices are just bullshit or American. No mansion costs $440,000, just like a lockpick doesn’t cost $400, a car 18 million, and a cave, no matter how pimped out, does not cost 50 million dollars.

    • “a cave, no matter how pimped out, does not cost 50 million dollars”

      I think you misunderstand what is in the Batcave.

    • If anything I think the $50 mil for the cave lowballs it by quite a bit. I daresay the equipment Batman uses and the necessary infrastructure to support the various analysers and supercomputer(s) would be at least triple if not 10 times that amount. Then there’d be the lengths that would be required for the construction to be kept a secret (I’m guessing contractors bussed in and out with hoods over their heads and a generous amount of hush money)

    • I have a high quality professional lock-pick set I used to use for unlocking glove boxes on old cars to re-key them. It costed $380. I can see batman quality gear being more expensive. Especially if it was some kind of automated high tech version.

      Prototype military vehicles are probably fairly expensive too and you could include associated R+D in the price tag.

      Who knows what kind of costs could be involved in installing secret entries and waterfall access to a bat cave. None of that stuff is exactly off the shelf. Elevators, pop up armour storage, structural reinforcement and waterproofing…. I can see it all adding up fairly quickly.

      As for the house costing as much as it does. Maybe that’s the bill for having your rich parents killed so you can inherit it?

    • 440k is low for a mansion

      his car is a prototype so 18m RND is not unusual
      to put it in perspective. it has more than 9 buggati veyrons worth of tech in it. and you gotta remember how many times he has damaged it

      his cave has supercomputers and is powered by green energy from algae
      its not as physics defying as the arc reactor, but its GREEN and all green tech is expensive esp if your the only one who has it

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