Martian Manhunter And John Stewart Are Coming To Injustice

Long anticipated — practically since the game's release — Martian Manhunter was at last confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us as a downloadable addition to the fighting game's roster, along with a John Stewart Green Lantern skin. NetherRealm Studios announced the new fighters at EVO 2013 today.

When Injustice polled fans for their preferences for additional fighters back in the spring, Martian Manhunter was not one of the choices offered, supposedly because the games' creators knew he would dominate the voting. That lent an air of inevitability to his inclusion, even as the first four extras — General Zod, Lobo, Batgirl and Scorpion — came and went.

Well, now it's all a reality, announced today at EVO 2013. You can watch John Stewart keep up with Mr. J'onzz in that trailer above. Pricing for the DLC or its release date were not announced.


    I know little of the DC universe, but this is who i thought you meant by John Stewart.

      Yeah I clicked the link thinking NO WAY JOHN STEWART, then went, ohhhhhh righhhhht.

    Disappointed, I thought it was going to be the guy from The Daily Show.

    I think in future if you want to talk about a John Stewart that isn't Jon Stewart there should be a disclaimer. I only read the article because I thought it would have info on THE Jon Stewart. Have you ever read this article? Have you ever read this article... ON WEED?

    Can't wait for a GOTY Edition so I can actually buy this game.

    *loving* it. Especially the fact they've gone and given us a whole 'new' character in John Stewart (albeit a skin). This is the first game I've seen where I wholly endorse the idea of skin packs. Now, PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE can we get some Sinestro, Arrow and Black Adam skins???

    I would watch the shit out of a John Stewart GL movie. Fuck Ryan Reynolds.

      You like Will Smith better?

        Smith's probably too old at this point. I always pictured Stewart as in his 30s.

    If they made a Jon Stewart as the Green Lantern figure like they made with the StewartTrooper:

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