Mechwarrior Honours Young Fans With Special Mech For Charity

Mechwarrior is selling a special mech, dedicating all the proceeds to a Canadian cancer research charity in the name of a five-year-old girl who enjoyed playing the game with her father. Sarah Marie Alida Parries of Vancouver, Canada, died in May, ending her fight against inoperable brain cancer. She played the game with her dad, Jon, enough that she developed a favourite chassis, the Jenner with Streak SRMs.

That's the chassis you see above, in "Sarah's Jenner", a $US10 mech that Piranha games is selling after an appeal from the Mechwarrior community to honour Sarah. It's available until August 20 and cannot be acquired with C-Bills, nor may it be sold. Each player is limited to one mech. The mech will come with its own exclusive bay for storage. Escapist reports that the mech will perform as a regular JR7-D, giving a 10 per cent boost to experience per match.

Sales of the mech have raised about $US40,000 so far. For more information, visit this FAQ.

Mechwarrior Online Offers "Sarah's Jenner" For Cancer Research [The Escapist]


    Somehow managing to make the jenner into more of an eye sore, achievement accomplished!

    What!?! A Mechwarrior Online game... when did this happen?

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