Metal Gear Artist Draws Kick-Arse Pacific Rim Poster

Need one more reason to get excited about Pacific Rim? How about the fact there's a poster for the movie that was done by famed Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa.

Done as an exclusive for the 3D release of the game, while the poster you'll see below is for the Japanese market, those in the US can still get their hands on one, albeit having been translated into English; Regal Cinemas will be giving them away as part of a promotion.


    I would watch the TV series done with this animation...

      Also with a slight re-size and crop this makes a sweet phone backdrop..

    Giant robots fighting giant monsters in a massive sprawling city.... power rangers anyone? :p


    Last edited 12/07/13 3:42 pm

    i LOVE YOU Yoji Shinkawa!!

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