Minecraft Leaves The Earth, Heads Into Space

Just when you think you're done being impressed by what people can do with Minecraft, somebody comes along with a mod that literally takes the game to another world.

Galacticraft is a mod released earlier this year that turns your little Minecraft dude into an astronaut, able to jump into a rocket, fly above the world and then visit the other planets and moons of the Solar System.

There is flight. There is hostile atmosphere. You can see the sun, and if you're on our moon, the Earth. You even leave footprints in the moondust as you walk around. Amazing.

If the video above doesn't start at the right spot, you're going to want to jump to around 16:51 to see the lunar landing.

You can grab the mod here.

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Galacticraft [Minecraft Universe] Galacticraft [PC Gamer]


    Brilliant idea, can't wait to play this. Anyone else a fan of The Blockheads for iOS? http://theblockheads.net/

    The new Tekkit has something similar.. Which was released earlier this year too.

      The new Tekkit uses's that mod

        Ah right, well there ya go.

          it is ton's of fun working to get all the stuff to make sure you can breath in space before you go is important :)

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