Modder Makes Current-Gen Graphics Look Like The Future

Modder Makes Current-Gen Graphics Look Like The Future

Last year, Konami showed off images created on its upcoming game engine, the Fox Engine. Over on the CryDev forums, modder Gametime decided to recreate that demo with current gen tech. The result isn’t next gen, but damn it sure is amazing.

“While the Fox Engine is very impressive, especially the E3 2013 Trailer, I felt that the Office demonstration was doable in CryEngine 3,” Gametime wrote on the CryDev forums. “To prove it, I present you Fox Engine Office Remake.”

Developed by Crytek, the CryEngine 3 was released in 2009. The Fox Engine, however, will power future Konami games, such as the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 and the next Pro Evo.

Continuing, Gametime adds that a proxy model was used in the recreation, and the level was done in real scale. “Unfortunately Crytek didn’t update their Engine for nearly half year, that’s why I had to use lights with a texture map applied to fake box lights,” Gametime added. “However, this came at the rather odd cost of having a reoccurring flickering of the lights.”

As website Dark Side of Gaming points out, the Gametime recreation screens are in hi-res. Konami’s screens were not.

Hey fellow Crydev’s or Crymodders [CryDev via DSO Gaming via GameSpark]


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