More Super Personal Top 50 Video Game Lists

Last Friday I wrote up my top 50 games of all time. The idea was to do it quickly and make it personal. To not agonise over every decision, to put your own preferences over perceived classics, to basically just vomit it out. It was a fun exercise — what came from it was a record of my own gaming history instead of some definitive list.

I was inspired by AV Club writer Rowan Kaiser, who did his list just for fun but, after I wrote mine and posted it on Kotaku, a number of others followed suit. I must have gotten over a dozen tweets from people I know messaging me their own top 50 lists. It seems like the whole exercise just struck a chord with people. Just reading other people's lists in the Kotaku comments or via twitter was a great experience, so I thought I'd share some of the lists I was sent from other people across the internet!

Before we dive into some more lists I thought I'd remind people of the rules I set out for my list. I think they apply with these lists as well...

— I know [insert game here] isn't on the list. I know that's outrageous. Make your own list and post it in the comments! — I realise there are a lot of Mario/Zelda/MGS games on here. That just reflects the games I like and the games I've fallen in love with. — People like different things for different reasons! — Please do not use this list to justify any future comments I make in the future, or even things I might have said in the past. This is simply a list that represents how I feel right now. It would be different if I were to make it in the next 30 minutes, let alone in a year or two! — I've written down the platform I played the game on — I realise it might have been on other platforms! — Yes, they are ranked!

And now for some more super personal top 50 video game lists!

David Wildgoose

Ex-Kotaku Australia Editor

1. Deus Ex (PC) 2. Thief: The Dark Project (PC) 3. Planescape: Torment (PC) 4. Civilization V (PC) 5. Far Cry 2 (PC) 6. The Last Express (PC) 7. Silent Hill 2 (PS2) 8. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (C64) 9. Metroid Prime (GC) 10. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 11. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) 12. Paradroid (C64) 13. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) 14. Day of the Tentacle (PC) 15. Red Dead Redemption (360) 16. Psychonauts (Xbox) 17. Super Metroid (SNES) 18. Exile (Amiga) 19. Outcast (PC) 20. Portal (PC) 21. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) 22. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind (PC) 23. Demon's Souls (PS3) 24. Quake 3 Arena (PC) 25. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) 26. Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 (PC) 27. Super Bomberman (SNES) 28. Beyond Good & Evil (GC) 29. Deadly Premonition (360) 30. Braid (360) 31. Doriath (C64) 32. Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox) 33. Mashed (PS2) 34. Micro Machines V3 (PS1) 35. Nier (PS3) 36. Super Mario Sunshine (GC) 37. Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2) 38. Lode Runner (PC) 39. Silent Hill (PS1) 40. Outrun (Arcade) 41. System Shock 2 (PC) 42. Half-Life (PC) 43. Flashback (SNES) 44. Impossible Mission (C64) 45. ICO (PS2) 46. Bioshock 2 (PC) 47. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC) 48. Actraiser (SNES) 49. Wizball (C64) 50. Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (PS2)

Rowan Kaiser

Freelancer (AV Club, Joystiq)

1. Sid Meier's Pirates 2. Ultima 6 3. Civilization 4 (represents entire series) 4. Fallout 1 5. Jagged Alliance 2 6. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 7. Chrono Trigger 8. No One Lives Forever 9. Crusader Kings 2 10. Suikoden 2 11. Rome: Total War 12. Doom 13. World Of Warcraft 14. Soul Calibur 2 (includes SC1) 15. Championship Manager 00-01 (represents entire series) 16. Puzzle Quest 17. Far Cry 2 18. Daggerfall 19. Diablo (includes D2-ish?) 20. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 21. Mass Effect (in a three-way tie with its fellow ME games) 22. Halo 23. Jedi Knight 24. Final Fantasy 6 25. Phantasy Star 4 26. XCOM 27. Metroid Prime 28. Sid Meier’s Gettysburg 29. Wing Commander 2 30. Morrowind 31. Deus Ex 32. Tetris 33. Super Mario Bros 34. FIFA 98 35. Dynasty Warriors 5 (represents the series as I’ve played it) 36. Betrayal At Krondor 37. X-COM 38. Warcraft 3 39. Jet Grind Radio 40. Bejeweled 41. Wizardry 7 42. Shining Force 2 43. Team Fortress Classic 44. Final Fantasy X 45. Quest For Glory 4 46. Samba de Amigo 47. Ultima 7: Serpent Isle 48. Grand Theft Auto 3 49. Dynasty Tactics 2 50. Mario Kart: Double Dash

David 'Raygun Brown' Rayfield

Awesome Writer Man

1. Road Rash 2 (Megadrive) 2. Full Throttle (PC) 3. Desert Strike (Megadrive) 4. Manhunt (PS2) 5. Skate Or Die (Commodore 64) 6. Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) 7. Flashback (Megadrive) 8. Age Of Empires 2 (PC) 9. Dreamweb (PC) 10. Tennis (Game Boy) 11. Streets Of Rage 2 (Megadrive) 12. The Untouchables (Commodore 64) 13. Operation Wolf (Arcade) 14. The Last Ninja (Commodore 64) 15. Iron Lord (Commodore 64) 16. I Am Alive (Xbox 360) 17. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Megadrive) 18. Daytona USA (Arcade) 19. Bruce Lee (Commodore 64) 20. Jungle Strike (Megadrive) 21. Resident Evil 2 (PS One) 22. Combat School (Commodore 64) 23. Clive Barker’s Night Breed (Amiga) 24. Heavy Rain (PS3) 25. Tekken 3 (PS One) 26. Mario Kart Double Dash!! (Gamecube) 27. Dark Forces (PC) 28. Space Taxi (Commodore 64) 29. Power Monger (Megadrive) 30. Batman Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) 31. Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver (PS One) 32. Skate 2 (Xbox 360) 33. Sam & Max Hit The Road (PC) 34. Mortal Kombat 2 (Arcade) 35. Advance Wars (GBA) 36. Homeworld (PC) 37. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360) 38. Dead Space (Xbox 360) 39. Silent Hill 2 (PS2) 40. Street Fighter II (Arcade) 41. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (PC) 42. Beyond Good & Evil (Gamecube) 43. Deus Ex (PC) 44. Sound Shapes (PS3) 45. Resident Evil (Gamecube) 46. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (Xbox 360) 47. Magic Carpet (PC) 48. Aliens Infestation (DS) 49. Hotline Miami (PSVITA) 50. Syndicate (PC)

Jamie Galea

Presenter, New Game Plus

1. Nier 2. Burnout Paradise 3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater/Subsistence 4. Persona 3 5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island 6. Super Mario Kart 7. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest 8. Full Throttle 9. Grim Fandango 10. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Trials & Tribulations 11. Tekken 3 12. Mortal Kombat (2011) 13. Micro Machines V3 14. System Shock 2 15. Colin McRae Rally 2.0 16. Yakuza 3 17. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 18. Perfect Dark 19. Bastion 20. Red Dead Redemption 21. Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike 22. 999: Nine Doors, Nine Hours, Nine People 23. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 24. Space Invaders Extreme 25. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 26. XCOM Enemy Unknown 27. Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri 28. Super Metroid 29. Dark Souls 30. Assassins Creed Brotherhood 31. Medal of Honor: Frontline 32. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal 33. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 34. Silent Hill 2 35. Thief: The Dark Project 36. Ninja Gaiden (2004) 37. The Chronicles of Riddick - Escape from Butcher Bay/Assault on Dark Athena 38. The Darkness 39. Vib-Ribbon 40. Parappa the Rapper 41. Alien vs Predator 2 42. Final Fantasy IX 43. Sid Meiers Civilization IV 44. Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga 45. Portal 46. Crash Team Racing 47. Deadly Premonition 48. Braid 49. Just Cause 2 50. Astro Boy Omega Factor


Editor, Potaku

1. Tomb Raider II 2. Assassin’s Creed II/Brotherhood 3. Crash Bandicoot 4. Pokemon Gold/Silver 5. Mass Effect 2 6. Jak and Daxter 7. Dark Souls 8. SSX Tricky 9. Super Smash Bros. Melee 10. The Last of Us 11. Journey 12. Halo 3 13. Telltale’s The Walking Dead 14. Skate 2 (You may have forgotten this Mark BUT I DIDN’T!) 15. Super Mario Galaxy 16. Portal 17. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 18. Bastion 19. Uncharted 2 20. Heavy Rain 21. The Need for Speed 22. Pokemon Emerald 23. Spyro the Dragon 24. Prince of Persia ’08 25. Saints Row the Third 26. Tekken 2 27. Max Payne 3 28. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 29. Alan Wake 30. Rollercoaster Tycoon


    Great lists!

    Here's mine again, reposted from last week:

    In no particular order. (They're only numbered so I remember to post 50 actual games. XD)
    1. Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (PC)
    2. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (PC)
    3. Day of the Tentacle (PC)
    4. Full Throttle (PC)
    5. Beyond Good & Evil (PC)
    6. System Shock 2 (PC)
    7. Grim Fandango (PC)
    8. Heavy Rain (PS3)
    9. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
    10. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)
    11. The Last of Us (PS3)
    12. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)
    13. Red Dead Redemption (360)
    14. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC)
    15. Mass Effect 2 (PC)
    16. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
    17. Yoshi's Island (SNES)
    18. Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)
    19. Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive (PC)
    20. BioShock (PC)
    21. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC)
    22. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)
    23. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PC)
    24. The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
    25. Mirror's Edge (360)
    26. Maniac Mansion (NES)
    27. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    28. Prince of Persia (2008) (360)
    29. Portal 2 (PC)
    30. The Colonel's Bequest (Amiga)
    31. SWAT 4 (PC)
    32. Fallout: New Vegas (PC)
    33. Scratches (PC)
    34. Space Quest 5 (PC)
    35. King's Quest 6 (PC)
    36. Freedom Fighters (PC)
    37. Pikmin (Wii)
    38. The Walking Dead (PC)
    39. The Longest Journey (PC)
    40. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC)
    41. Theme Hospital (PC)
    42. Roller Coaster Tycoon (PC)
    43. Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
    44. Psychonauts (PC)
    45. Stacking (360)
    46. Dishonored (PC)
    47. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords (PC)
    48. Fahrenheit (PC)
    49. SSX (Original) (PS2)
    50. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (PC)
    I'm sure I've forgotten some of my all-time favourites somewhere here. XD

    Great to see some adventure games on these lists too! :D

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      Awesome list. I can certainly see your love for adventure games now. :D

    Crap, crap, crap, crap.

      In no order.

      Rygar (arcade)
      Shadowman (Dreamcast)
      Bombjack (arcade)
      Dangar (Arcade)
      Res Evil 4 (Wii)
      Majoras Mask
      Wind Waker
      Twilight Princess
      GTA San Andreas
      Paper Mario: The Thousand year door.
      Ghosts and Goblins (Arcade)
      Chaos Engine (SNES)
      Havest Moon (SNES)
      Mario 64
      Circus Charlie (arcade)
      Tutankhamen (Arcade)
      Toki (arcade)
      State of Decay (playing it now)
      Turok 2
      Super Mario World
      Great Giana Sisters (C64)
      Super Ghouls and Ghosts
      Bubble Bobble (arcade)
      Civ 1
      Prince of Persia (original on Amiga)

      I've done half, get back with the other half.

        Did you mean Tutankham?

        That game is one of the very first that made me want to write my own games. Loved it but wanted a few changes so I designed my own but discovered the school's Apple ][ wouldn't let me fulfill my dream. There was Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond CW too and Lode Runner got me designing levels but that's pretty much as far as I got back then.

        But many years down the track I did get to work in the games industry for a couple of years, worked on 3 released titles and now developing my own :) Dreams can come true :)

    That's 2 people I've heard praising Nier in the one day. Shit that might be enough to make me chase it down...

      It's very weird. It's like an action-combat sort of Final Fantasy with more washed-out colour, better characters, and MMO'ish maintenance questing. But it's good! And the art design, though often spartan, has a lot to recommend it.

        And amazing music! Don't forget the music!

          Oh yes! I still randomly check out YouTube for music from those games. Especially the orchestral pieces.

    This is my list, dashed off very quickly in keeping with the guidelines. It is already causing me heartache so I am publishing it and moving on. :p (oh it's not in order apart from probably the top two)

    1. Ico (PS2)
    2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    3. Lemmings (Amiga500)
    4. Boulderdash (C64)
    5. Uridium (C64)
    6. Super Mario 64 (N64)
    7. Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN)
    8. Red Dead Redemption (X360/PS3)
    9. Halo (Xbox)
    10. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (X360/PS3)
    11. Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)
    12. Lumines (PSP)
    13. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    14. Pro Evolution 4 (PS2)
    15. Fifa ’99 (PC)
    16. Limbo (X360/PS3/Vita)
    17. Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox)
    18. Bioshock (X360)
    19. Words With Friends (iOS)
    20. Mass Effect (X360)
    21. Mass Effect 2 (X360)
    22. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)
    23. Journey (PS3)
    24. Tomb Raider (PC)
    25. ZombiU (WiiU)
    26. Resident Evil 4 (GCN/Wii)
    27. Call of Duty 2 (X360)
    28. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
    29. Rick Dangerous (Amiga500)
    30. Dead Space (X360)
    31. Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)
    32. Pikmin (GCN)
    33. Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
    34. Super Monkey Ball (GCN)
    35. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GCN)
    36. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
    37. Spy vs Spy (C64)
    38. River Raid (Atari2600)
    39. Summer Games (C64)
    40. Impossible Mission (C64)
    41. Tiger Woods ’07 (PS3)
    42. We Love Katamari (PS2)
    43. Psychonauts (PS2)
    44. The Secret of Bastow Manor (C64)
    45. Donkey Kong (Game and Watch)
    46. Halo Reach (X360)
    47. Goldeneye (N64)
    48. Banjo-Tooie (N64)
    49. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN)
    50. Guitar Hero/Rock Band (X360)

    And already I realise I've left Viva Piñata off amongst many others. Hmm.

      Great, diverse list, my friend! I only played Ico for the first time about two months back. Such a good game. Can't believe I forgot about it when compiling my list. XD

    happy to finally see super mario bros on someones list. smb and smb 3 were (imo) the best games of the late 80's early 90's.
    i don't think i'd be able to remember 50 decent games to make a list. lol.

    Funny how Metroid Prime pops up in just about everyone's list at least somewhere. A testament to how awesome that game really was.

    This was my list from last week. It's unranked and the games are in no particular order:

    Secret of Mana (SNES)
    Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka, Secret of Mana 2) (SNES) - travesty this was never officially released outside Japan!
    Mortal Kombat II (Arcade)
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PC, PS1)
    Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PC, PS1)
    Starcraft: Brood War (PC)
    Starcraft II (PC)
    Unreal (PC)
    Unreal Tournament (PC)
    Killer Instinct (Arcade)
    Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War + expansions (PC)
    Shadow of the Beast (Amiga, Lynx)
    Scooby Doo's Maze Chase (Intellivision)
    Shark! Shark! (Intellivision)
    Mind Strike (Intellivision)
    Joust (Atari 7800)
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Gamecube)
    Metroid Prime (Gamecube)
    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Gamecube)
    Super Metroid (SNES)
    Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
    Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
    Super Mario Bros 3 (NES, SNES)
    Quake (PC)
    Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Gamecube)
    F.E.A.R. (PC)
    Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
    S.T.U.N. Runner (Lynx)
    Sega Rally (Arcade)
    Final Fantasy VII (PC, PS1)
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Gamecube)
    Lemmings (PC)
    Terranigma (SNES)
    Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube)
    Ironman's Super Offroad Racer (PC)
    Jazz Jackrabbit (PC)
    Rise of the Triad (PC)
    Centipede (Intellivision)
    Starfox/Starwing (SNES)
    Commander Keen 4: The Secret of the Oracle (PC)
    The Lost Vikings (SNES)
    Q*Bert (Intellivision)
    Pinball Fantasies (Amiga, PC)
    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (PC, PS1)
    Worms: Armageddon (PC)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (Arcade, SNES)
    Soul Calibur II (Gamecube, PS2, Xbox)

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    Since I missed it on Friday, Here is my list:

    1. Baldur's Gate
    2. Mass Effect
    3. TES: Skyrim
    4. Baldur's Gate II
    5. TES: Morrowind
    6. Fallout II
    7. Dishonoured
    8. XCOM - Enemy Unknown
    9. TES: Oblivion
    10. Fallout New Vegas
    11. Civilisation V
    12. Planescape Torment
    13. Total War: Rome
    14. Monkey Island
    15. Monkey Island II
    16. TIE Fighter
    17. Fallout III
    18. Knights of the old Republic (360)
    19. Knights of the old Republic II: The Sith Lords (360)
    20. Jade Empire (360)
    21. Dragon Age
    22. Fallout
    23. Mass Effect II
    24. Mass Effect III (the ending ranks this lower, but with the Citadel DLC, it's too good not to include here)
    25. Command and Conquer
    26, Supreme Commander
    27. Dark Reign
    28. Total Annihilation
    29. Theme Hospital
    30. Mario is missing
    31. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines
    32. Neverwinter Nights II
    33. The Witcher
    34. The Witcher II
    35. Mount and Blade: Warband
    36. Dragon Age II
    37. Borderlands
    38. The Sims 3 (Don't judge me)
    39. Crusader Kings II
    40. Unreal Tournament
    41. Icewind Dale II
    42. Icewind Dale
    44. Star Wars Rebellion (aka. Supremacy)
    45. Star Wars X-Wing
    46. Freelancer
    47. Red Alert
    48. C&C The Generals
    49. Day of the Tentacle
    50. Grim Fandango

    Only the first 10 or so are in any real order.

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    There's a disturbing lack of Half Life games on these lists.

      To be honest as much as I like the first and second game, they're no where near my favourites. (Though I can appreciate how important they were for the genre!) Portal 2's on my list though. Loved that.

    OK, since we're all doing this, in no particular order (besides the first) and off the top of my head - which means I'd have missed some great games:

    1. Sextris
    2. Mass Effect
    3. The Longest Journey
    4. Grand Theft Auto
    5. Mass Effect 2
    6. Mass Effect 3
    7. The Last of Us
    8. Deus Ex
    9. Ultima 8
    10. Dark Seed
    11. Final Fantasy VII
    12. Resident Evil
    13. Witcher 2
    14. Commander Keen
    15. Lemmings
    16. Forza 3
    17. Assassin’s Creed
    18. Silent Hill 2
    19. Dead Island
    20. Skyrim
    21. Doom
    22. Dark Souls
    23. Half Life 2
    24. Fallout 3
    25. The Sims
    26. Command & Conquer Red Alert
    27. Grand Theft Auto SA
    28. Flashback
    29. Fallout
    30. Diablo
    31. Grim Fandango
    32. Silent Hill
    33. Strike Commander
    34. Age of Empires 2
    35. Resident Evil 4
    36. Syndicate
    37. Dead Space
    38. Alien vs Predator 2
    39. Uncharted 2
    40. Quake 3
    41. Metal Gear Solid
    42. BioShock
    43. Battlefield 2
    44. Star Wars: X-Wing
    45. King’s Quest VI
    46. CoD 4
    47. The Secret of Monkey Island
    48. Solitaire
    49. Carmageddon
    50. STALKER

    EDIT: Made some updates upon further reflection.

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      The Longest Journey. WOOOOO! Such a good game.

      Great list too, Mike!

        It was an awesome game! Oh man I thought of like another 50 games I could add to the list above. :|

          Did you like Dreamfall? Dreamfall Chapters is coming out next year!

          Yeah, I'm pretty happy with my list but it could easily be a top 100. XD

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          I know - reading these lists just confuses my own more and more - I forgot MGS, Assassin's Creed II, Silent Hill... so many! :(

          OMG Half Life! What have I done? And Portal! I'm an idiot.

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      Sextris? As in, that game every horny teenager downloads off an abandoware site and giggles at for a few minutes, then deletes (or at least renames) before their parents catch them?

        I was 12 when I first played it. And it was Tetria and it had babes. Need I say more? :P

        And yeah I'm talking about the old game from the 90s not the recent crap ones.

    My top 10 games would have to be:

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Rise of the Triad
    Half Life 2
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Train Simulator 2012

    Ok, so the last one was a joke but other then whats on my list, most games i have played have been decent but these games are the ones i come back to and replay the most. Most games i buy i playthrough maybe once and i never play them again.

      Uh oh. Looks like we have a mass murderer in training here... :-P

      Ohhhh Carmageddon, that needs to go on my list. Or maybe twisted metal instead, aaarghghhhg too many choices

    I only have twenty odd, but have probably missed a lot anyway.
    In no real order:
    Pokemon Snap (N64)
    Dead Space (360)
    Viva Pinata: TiP (360)
    Oblivion GotY (360)
    Limbo (360)
    Borderlands (360)
    Rugby League Live 2 (360)
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS)
    Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
    Pokemon TCG (GBC)
    Civilization V (PC)
    Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (PC)
    XCOM Enemy Unknown (PC)
    Minecraft (PC)
    Need For Speed: High Stakes (PS1)
    Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (PS1)
    Crash Bandicoot 3 (PS1)
    Crash Team Racing (PS1)
    Muppet Race Mania (PS1)
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (Xbox)
    Red Dead Revolver (Xbox)
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox)
    Mashed (Xbox)
    Juiced (Xbox)
    GTA San Andreas (Xbox)
    Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

      I've been meaning to play Limbo. Looks so damn atmospheric.

        The first time I finished it, I just had to sit back for a while. Wow.

        Then I kept replaying for the <5 deaths achievement, and cut it down to an hour per play. Still fun.

        Yep, I concur with Mike. It is superb. So unremittingly bleak! There's a moment where you use dead children as stepping stones!

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    Okay, I'll play along. With a twist: I'm going to give you 45 games, and they'll be selections from three platforms. :P
    Not necessarily ranked, and I may have left out a fair few titles, but these are all games I was pretty happy with. :)

    Top 15 PC Games
    1. Company of Heroes
    2. Portal 2
    3. Half-Life 2
    4. World of Warcraft (pre-Cataclysm)
    5. Medieval II: Total War
    6. WH40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
    7. Battlefield: 2142
    8. Bioshock
    9. TES II-V (yes I cheated)
    10. Doom 3
    11. Supreme Commander
    12. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
    13. LIMBO
    14. Quake 4
    15. Terraria

    Top 15 PS3 Games
    1. The Last of Us
    2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    3. God of War III
    4. Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots
    5. Grand Theft Auto IV
    6. Red Dead Redemption
    7. Dead Space
    8. Mortal Kombat
    9. Twisted Metal
    10. LittleBigPlanet 2
    11. Assassin’s Creed II
    12. Doom 3: BFG Edition
    13. Heavenly Sword
    14. Batman: Arkham City
    15. Conan

    Top 15 PS2 Games
    1. Star Wars: Battlefront II
    2. The Punisher
    3. Shadow of Rome
    4. God of War II
    5. The Mark of Kri
    6. The Getaway
    7. Ratchet and Clank
    8. SOCOM: US Navy Seals
    9. Manhunt
    10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    11. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (had to)
    12. True Crime: Streets of L.A.
    13. The Warriors
    14. Psi Ops
    15. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Top 5 Games Overall (I'm Terrible at Picking Favourites)
    1. Portal 2 (PC)
    2. Company of Heroes (PC)
    3. The Last of Us (PS3)
    4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)
    5. Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

    That last one was also mostly so I could still deliver a list numbered 50, even if the last five are repeated items :P
    It was also immensely difficult picking a 'top five' from an already favourited collection :(

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    I did 15 last week:

    Max Payne 2 (PC)
    Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
    Neverhood (PC)
    Gargoyles Quest (Gameboy)
    Zelda: Link's Awakening (Gameboy)
    Arkham Asylum (PC)
    Comix Zone (Megadrive)
    River City Ransom (NES)
    Grim Fandango (PC)
    Tekken 5 (PSP)
    Soul Blade (PSX)
    Tombi (PSX)
    Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (C64)
    Samurai Warrior : Usagi Yojimbo (C64)
    Tony Hawk 2 (PC)

    So here are 15 more. I made it a rule that I would only list 1 game per series. I also stopped myself just listing all of the '90s LucasArts games and calling myself done, but you could probably consider them my 'true' top 50 :-)

    Prince of Persia (PC) - This is the first game I ever played, and it was magical. I instantly knew that I wanted to make games.
    Fallout (PC) - Loved the openness, the feeling that what I did actually mattered, and the way it managed to tie all of that freedom up into a cohesive, driven narrative.
    Mashed (PS2) - Amazingly fun multiplayer with 4 people on 2 controllers
    Time Crisis 2 (PS2) - This is my desert island game. I was so sad when I got rid of my CRT and could no longer play it.
    Sid Meier's Pirates! (PC - the mid '00s one) - If you break it down, this is really just a collection of mini-games, and most of them are QTE's, which I normally detest. Somehow this works, though. I spent a lot of hours with this game.
    Need for Speed: SE (PC) - This was the first time I'd ever seen a game where you drove on regular streets, with traffic and cops. It was amazing.
    Discworld Noir (PSX) - This is the only Discworld game that actually feels like part of the Discworld universe. I loved the notebook/clue mechanic, too.
    Descent 2 (PC) - Go Wingnut!
    Mirror's Edge (PC) - The free-running was so good it eclipsed the mediocre story and combat.
    FFVII (PSX) - First JRPG I ever played, and I still love the characters, story, and world.
    Jedi Knight (PC) - Only FPS I've ever loved.
    Stunts (PC) - First time I played a 3D racing game with physics simulation, and a great level editor.
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (C64) - This game really did make learning fun. I also loved that '90s cartoon, for some reason.
    Burnout Revenge (PS2) - Crashes and explosions! My family and I played this together over several Christmas holidays. Great memories.
    Portal (PC) - Such a great game, and a great example of narrative done well in a video game.

      How could I forget Prince of Persia! I loved that and part 2 to bits. The recent remake not so much for some reason.

    Can't take seriously, there is no Dune2 anywhere on the page :(

    Heres mine, will probably show my age... (alphabetical order) (no modern consoles in here either..)

    Amped (XBOX)
    Ancient art of War (PC)
    Arkanoid (CPC)
    Battlefield 3 (PC)
    Bolo (2E)
    Bombjack (CPC)
    Burnout 3 (PS2)
    Call of Duty 2 (PC)
    Command & Conquer (PC)
    Coolboarders (PS1)
    Crysis (PC)
    Cybernoid (CPC)
    Dogfight (2E)
    Doom 2 (PC)
    Duke Nukem 3d (PC)
    Elite (CPC)
    F29 Retalliator (PC)
    Far Cry (PC)
    Far Cry 2 (PC)
    Fifa 99 (N64)
    Flatout (PC)
    God of war 2 (PS2)
    Gran Turismo (PS1)
    Grand slam tennis (Wii)
    GTA San Andreas (PC)
    Head over heels (CPC)
    Hidden and dangerous (PC)
    IL2 Sturmovik (PC)
    Interstate 76 (PC)
    Jet Set Willy (CPC)
    Jonah Lomu Rugby (PS1)
    Just Cause 2 (PC)
    MOH (PC)
    Painkiller (PC)
    Police Quest (PC)
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein (PC)
    Robotron (CPC)
    Roland in Time (CPC)
    Sim City 3000 (PC)
    Sims (PC)
    Skyrim (PC)
    Streets of Rage (Sega)
    Supreme Snowboarding (PC)
    Taipan (2E)
    Tau Ceti (CPC)
    Tony Hawk 3 (PS2)
    Twisted Metal (PS1)
    Unreal (PC)
    Vietcong (PC)
    Words with friends… (ios)

    Last edited 08/07/13 4:54 pm

    1. Alpha Centauri (PC)
    2. Deus Ex (PC)
    3. Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
    4. Civilization 1 (PC)
    5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
    6. XCOM 2: Terror from the Deep (PC)
    7. Chrono Cross (PS)
    8. TIE Fighter (PC)
    9. Command and Conquer: Red Alert (PC)
    10. Tekken Tag Tournament (arcade)
    11. Guitar Hero series (PS3)
    12. Portal (PC)
    13. Super Mario Bros (NES)
    14. Persona 4 (PS2)
    15. Final Fantasy IX (PS)

    Wish I had time to take it to 50, but this is almost a representative list: the next bunch would include more Zelda, more JRPGs, more XCOM, Deus Ex: HR, Portal 2, the Rock Band series and I would at least try to sneak Flower in there.

    What surprises me is that I am almost exclusively a console gamer these days and yet the majority of my top 10 would be PC games.

    I'm throwing my hat (full of games that I remember fondly) in the ring in a vague scatter graph representation of top-ness:

    XCOM: Terror From the Deep
    Breath of Fire III
    Breath of Fire IV
    Suikoden II/V
    Mega Man III
    Shadow Hearts
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy VII
    Jak and Daxter
    Future Wars
    Little Big Adventure
    Little Big Adventure 2
    New Zealand Story
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Shadow of Memories
    King Of Fighters (pick a version)
    Blaz Blue
    Guilty Gear
    Robot Odyssey
    Zone 66
    Sim Ant
    Devil May Cry 1&3
    Prince of Persia
    Prince of Persia (SoT trilogy)
    Four Heroes of Light
    Last Blade 2
    Garou MOW
    Rage of the Dragons
    Tenchu (the series)
    Crusader: No Regret
    Settlers/Serf City
    Dark Reign
    Willy Beamish
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
    Ghosts and Goblins
    Dark Souls
    Sam and Max Hit the Road
    Metal Gear Solid (in general)
    Puyo Puyo
    Point Blank
    Link to the Past

    It was surprisingly tough trying to pin down 50 titles. Funny how it's the ones that have memories attached to them that feature more in your mind than others.

    No ranking, just a list of games I loved.

    Ace Combat Zero
    Megaman 2
    Megaman X
    Kirby's Fun Pack
    Capcom Vs SNK
    Final Fantasy 9
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy 7
    Super Mario World
    Yoshi's Island
    Uncharted 2
    Super Metroid
    Chrono Trigger
    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Mario Kart
    Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening
    GTA Vice City
    Heavy Rain
    Resident Evil 4
    Super Metroid
    Yakuza 3
    Unreal Tournament
    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    Unreal 2
    The Sims
    GTA Chinatown Wars
    Carmageddon 3
    Harvest Moon SNES
    Metal Slug
    UN Squadron
    Forza 3 (Mt. Haruna only :P)
    Double Dragon 2
    Alien Vs. Predator Arcade

    FF VII nowhere to be seen?? Man.... I thought that would be in everyones top 10....

    Only the top 10 are in any real order. The rest kind of flow out as I remember one title, and then think of others in that genre/same console that I love. Bundled a few series together to save some space and allow for more titles, or else a few series would dominate the list.

    1. Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2
    2. Shining Force II
    3. DOOM
    4. Alan Wake
    5. Bayonetta
    6. NiGHTS: Into Dreams...
    7. Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers Call/Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2
    8. Sonic The Hedgehog series (As a whole. A few stinkers, but love the series)
    9. Devil May Cry series (Especially 3:SE. Didn't mind DmC, but preferred OG Dante)
    10. Halo series (Even Wars baby.)
    11. Fable series
    12. Monkey Island series
    13. Jet Set Radio series
    14. Ace Attorney series (Or else there would be 5 slots dedicated to men screaming "Objection!")
    15. Trauma Centre series
    16. Serious Sam series (All of them. Even the indie titles like Random Encounter)
    17. Final Fantasy series (VI, VII, X and XIII-2.)
    18. Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus
    19. Dark Savior
    20. Fighters Megamix
    21. Street Fighter series (Mostly Third Strike though)
    22. Darkstalkers series
    23. Virtua Fighter series
    24. Trials Evolution
    25. Puzzle Quest
    26. Forza series
    27. Daytona USA
    28. Toy Commander
    29. Shenmue 1 & 2
    30. Unreal Tournament
    31. Spec Ops: The Line
    32. Sleeping Dogs
    33. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    34. Donkey Kong Country series
    35. Panzer Dragoon series (Especially Orta)
    36. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2
    37. Catherine
    38. Minecraft
    39. Warcraft series (Including WoW)
    40. Armored Core series
    41. Saints Row series (I'm hyped as hell for 4)
    42. Assassins Creed series (even if 3 failed to grab me like the others)
    43. Pokémon series (HeartGold/SoulSilver taking top honours)
    44. Audiosurf
    45. Portal 1 & 2
    46. Jumping Flash 1 & 2
    47. I.Q.
    48. House Of The Dead series
    49. Metal Gear series
    50. Too Human (What of it!?)

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