Navigating A Maze Of Real Lasers Is Harder Than You'd Think

Look — We all love lasers. And we all agree that mazes made out of lasers, a la the movie Entrapment, are awesome. What you may not realise is that navigating a laser maze in real life is harder than you’d think.

It was raining, and yet dozens of people came out to try their hand at The Hearst Collection — an interactive laser maze, Art-heist simulator by The Go Game at this year’s Come Out and Play Festival. Originally part of an installation with the William Randolph Hearst collection, the game has been re-engineered to fit in a suitcase.

Oh, also it’s hard. Like, really hard. Catherine Zeta-Jones may have made it look easy, but most of the people I saw actually didn’t make it through. To see it in action, along with an interview with it's creator Gabe Smedresman, watch the video above.


    It's not a real laser maze navigation without the "stick-your-butt-in-air-and-slide-to-the-ground-seductively" move....

    I'd definitely want to try this out though :)

    I always thought it would be hard. You'd need great muscle control to be able to move around the beams.

    Mythbusters pretty much busted the entire thing though because in real life the lasers are actually invisible to the human eye.

      solid snake would disagree.

    I thought that was the point - it wouldn't be much of a security system if it was easy, and not an impressive movie point either.

    Catherine Zeta Joooooones! She dips beneath lasersssss. OOOOooooOOOOO!

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