New DLC Will Bust A Cap In Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 will increase its level cap by 11 to 72 and cheerful blind amputee T.K. Baha returns in two more DLC extensions this fall that Gearbox Software announced today at PAX Australia.

The level cap raise will occur in the "Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge." The challenge refers to a new map and a mode in which you may fight overpowered enemies "for new loot and the ability to 'over level' your game for extra challenges," Gearbox said in a fact sheet. It'll be $US5 and it isn't part of the Season Pass DLC. That season is over.

T.K. Baha returns in the "Headhunter Pack," which will deliver a new mission set and a boss fight with Jacques O'Lantern, so one would gess this will be out around Halloween. This would appear to be a reprisal of T.K.'s zombie role from the Halloween-themed Zombie Island of Dr. Ned way back in the first Borderlands. Otherwise, I have no idea how they're gonna bring him back, because T.K. met with a rather definitive end (killed by psychos and hanged by his wooden leg) then turned into a zombie. He was last seen eating 100 brains, if I recall correctly.

Price on Headhunter has not yet been named and it too won't be part of the Season Pass DLC as, repeat after me, that season is over.

In other news from the panel, Gearbox announced its annual community day will be Sept. 14, and it'll be livestreamed. See this URL for more info. Gearbox also discussed its acquisition of the Homeworld franchise from THQ's liquidation, saying it is "committed to bringing the classic Homeworld 1 and 2 games to digital PC stores," and is examining HD remakes for the two as well.


    They just keep supporting this thing. There I am waiting for the GOTYE (which by the way, has shown up in the Steam Database) so I can get everything in one place.

    Also was more like 435 brains. Gosh that mission was awful if you accidentally completed all the other missions first.

    Last edited 21/07/13 3:27 pm

      As someone that bought the game and season pass, I'm still planning on picking up the GOTY edition, when it gets cheap. I'm hopeful the GOTY will include all the skin packs they've released, getting the GOTY for $10 or under will be much cheaper than buying all that shit individually.

    I'm so torn. I refuse to pay to raise my level cap, but man I hate playing and not gaining any more XP knowing there's 11, soon too be 22 more lvls from where I am.
    I guess $3 ain't too bad when its 66% off on Steam.

      May I ask what your problem with paying for this is?
      The vanilla version of the game was absolutely huge... so I really don't think its fair to be angry about them "withholding content".
      I can understand a distaste for DLC nickel and diming; but this is not that... For an example of "that", go check out EA.

        Because to me it feels like you're basically paying for nothing. You're not really getting anything new, just the ability to reach a higher character lvl.
        I have no problem with paid DLC that contains new area's and missions (BL2 is one of the only games I've bought DLC for), but paying for items and character lvls doesn't feel right to me.

        Oh and no where did I say I was angry, just torn.

        Last edited 22/07/13 12:10 pm

          If it feels like you're paying for nothing then you're not really wasting the XP you would have gained at max level since you basically said it's not worth anything...

          I understand feeling torn by something that for all appearances is just a number, but there's more effort that goes into rebalancing the loot and content for the new level cap and more hours of playtime that certainly justifies the dirt cheap price tag.

    Hey Gearbox, don't forget to finish polishing Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    I cued for 2 hours for this and was told i was guaranteed a seat inside by the PAX enforcers counting the line, only for me and around 70 others to be turned away at the door because they messed up the counting... i am not pleased to hear this is what i missed :(

    wtf, developers put out a season pass and then pull this shit,

    A season pass is meant to cover the whole season of dlc for the game in the series,

    Borderlands is one season and borderlands 2 is another season, and so on.

      Really? I wasn't aware there was an official definition of a video game season pass? Would you link me to some information about this standard?

        or you could just google it

          I was being sarcastic because there isn't a standard. A season pass does not automatically encompass every piece of DLC that will ever come out for a game. A season pass covers a set amount of content, not neccecarily all of it.

            i was also being sarcastic, i understand a season pass wouldn't include all dlc, dlc expansions such as this should of been included, little things like extra costumes and guns and what not i can understand not being covered.

      Except for the fact that when you bought it the season pass specifically stated that it was for the first 4 DLC expansions and was giving you a cheaper price than buying them all individually.
      They told you exactly what you were getting and gave it to you.
      Trying to say that a "season" is all the content ever released for a game as DLC is plain bullshit unless that is what is being offered.
      If you honestly think you haven't got your money's worth out of BL2 then you my friend are one stingy bastard...

      There was a panel at PAX Aus about this exact topic, now what was it called again.... oh yeah! Gamer Entitlement.

      Harden up. The first Season pass clearly spelt out what it covered, so if they want to continue adding content beyond that who cares? If you don't like it, simply don't buy it. Easy.

      It's perfectly reasonable to assume that GB considers the first four DLCs one season.

      Hence, "season pass".

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