New Star Wars Figures Know How To Make Money

A second series of those awesome Star Wars Black Series action figures are on the way, and they're hitting four of the biggest fan favourites all in one shot. Where the first batch featured Luke, Vader, Darth Maul and a Sandtrooper, the second line will have Han Solo, Boba Fett, Greedo and... Slave Leia.

It's almost as though Hasbro has studied the figure's target demographic.

Of Course Star Wars Black Series 2 Features Slave Leia [Topless Robot]


    Man those are way more detailed than the ones I had as a kid, bet that cost more than two bucks a pop though.

      Some of that can be blamed on inflation. Yet, even the ones in K-Mart are well over the $10 mark these days.

      I try to avoid the smaller figure these days. I'd rather have one of those even more expensive Gentle Giant statues than a dozen figures occupying the shelf. All unopened, of course - so the GG boxes still look great up there.

    Just found out they will be released here in mid- late September. No word on price yet.

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