Nintendo Hacked In Japan

Nintendo Hacked In Japan

Nintendo’s Kyoto-based HQ just announced that Club Nintendo, its member rewards site, has been hacked. This was discovered when a large number of access errors began appearing on July 2. That’s when Nintendo began investigating the issue.

According to Nintendo’s investigation, there were 23,000 unauthorized log-ins (with 15 million attempts) between June 9 and July 4 on Japan’s Club Nintendo site. This does not seem to apply to Club Nintendo sites in other countries.

In Japan, it’s possible that Club Nintendo members’ full names, home addresses, phone numbers and mail addresses were compromised.

Credit cards, however, are not used with Club Nintendo, so thankfully that’s not an issue.

Currently, Nintendo is strengthening its security. Old passwords are currently invalid, and Nintendo is asking Club Nintendo members to change their passwords via email.

What about their names, phone numbers and addresses?

サイトへの不正ログイン発生のご報告とパスワード変更のお願い [任天堂]


  • What about their names, phone numbers and addresses?

    They should also change their name, phone number and address… just to be sure.

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