Now That's Just Cheating, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Because depicting the Hulk, Rhino, Kingpin, the Blob and Colossus as regulation LEGO minifigs looks silly, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes uses LEGO Big Figures. Hmph.

I suppose it's one way to do it, but they do lose some of that LEGO charm when they go large. Alas, the Hulk Big Figure made his debut last year in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers sets, so precedent has been established.


    I disagree and believe that going large doesn't look silly at all, it looks exactly how it's meant to. This game is shaping up to be the best lego yet.

      I think it kinda looked silly in this trailer just because they went out of their way to advertise it and all the characters that it includes (they barely showed any smaller characters like wolverine and Tony Stark). In the game itsself I think it'll be much more natural.

    Looks pretty good, I didn't really get into the lego games until LotR but then went back and played Batman 2, both are great. Dreaming of the day they announce Lego DC vs Marvel....

    It would look absolutely ridiculous if Bruce Banner changed from a normal looking mini-figure into an identically shaped mini-figure with green skin.

    Excuse me, but did you see that Hulkbuster minifig at the end? So boss.

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