Now The Secret World Has A Snowmobile Chase, And That’s Beautiful

In the Issue #7 update for Funcom’s paranormal MMO The Secret World, the player gets to wear a tuxedo and participate in a James Bond-esque snowmobile chase. There are rockets. This is why I love The Secret World.

While other, more popular MMOs layer on the pop culture references, cramming them into settings where they just don’t fit, The Secret World is current day, so they can reference James Bond all day long and it fits right into the setting.

I got a chance to play through some of the fresh content in Issue #7, “A Dream To Kill”, last week, and here’s what I came away with: creepy, epic, Bond homage, snowmobiles. There’s a strange plot involving kidnapped children, a mysterious femme fatale, a major piece of plot advancement, and a chance across snowy fields in fully-armed snowmobiles.

Oh, and the update also adds a flamethrower auxiliary weapon. A flamethrower.

The amazing free update to the subscription-free game, which also marches players ever-closer to the game’s new Tokyo playfield, is now live. Find out all about it here.

Vroom. Snow. Rockets.


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