Off Topic: Going On Holiday

Going on holiday is nice. Time away from work, from stress, from sitting with your buttcheeks rubbing up against other strange buttcheeks on the train in peak hour. These are the things we sometimes need to escape from. But where is your dream destination? Is there somewhere you've never been that you'd love to visit?

The strange thing is: I can't think of one off the top of my head. I've been pretty lucky in my life: I've gotten to travel to different places, lived in a few different countries as well. Maybe a climbing trip to South Africa? Or to Spain? Who knows. I'm super boring.

What about you? Where would you like to go? Imagine money isn't a concern! What would be your dream location?


    Going on holiday next week. Down to Melbourne for a certain expo :D

    I'd like to see the Aurora Borealis somewhere...

    *moseys off*

      Seen it. Albeit, not a great view of it (lots of ambient light from the city) but it was impressive nonetheless. Would love to see it in all its glory.

      I dreamt I saw it last night. Awaking to this reality was a bit of a let down.

      Me too :-) I saw "Frequency" way back when and decided I needed to see the Aurora Borealis for real. Maybe in Canada.

      This is still on my to-do list.
      I think I'd also like to get to Everest base camp.

      Other than that... its just seeing things I haven't seen yet.

    I want to visit India one day, but I'll save that trip for a couple years.

    I'd like to visit Japan one day. Not only because there's lots of cool stuff in Japan like video games and Iron Chef, but also to see the stark cultural differences. When you're in the massive cities you're living in the future, but go out to the country and you're suddenly living 100 years in the past. Really like to experience that at some point.

      Going Japan Jan next year, super MEGA pumped!!! Always wanted to go there.
      First ever time out of Australia as well, And first time ever seeing snow, so lotsa first's.
      Doing a mix of city and country side stuff, so get best of both worlds.

    Wish list: Antarctica, Alaska, Seattle, Machu Picchu... Plenty of others, and plenty of places I've been but would like to revisit.


      A few years ago I investigated the idea of working at one of the research stations. Then I realized I can't do science, can't cook, not on a documentary crew and have no engineering skills.

      And The Thing.

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        Work as a chef - No need for science.
        Only serve snow cones - No need to cook.
        You're a chef, remember - No need to engineer.
        Trust no one - No one can be trusted.

      Machu Picchu is pretty amazing. I got there in time to see the sun rise on the ruin:

    I don't care what amazing and beautiful places you will visit, I'm still pissed that you aren't coming to PAX *cries*

    I wanna "Get [my] ass to Mars"

      Jimu's back and in Total Recall reference form! :D

      How long for?
      Two weeks?
      TwO WeeKs?
      TTWWWOO weEEkSS?

        Give this man all the upvotes!!! :D

    I have way too long a list.
    And many many others

    Shameless self promotion - I work as a travel agent so if anyone wants to book a trip send me a message in TAY or Twitter and I will send you my work email. See what I can do for you :D

      I work with a Columbian couple ATM. They've said I should go.

        A friend from Uni moved there last year. She says its amazing. And I really just want to go and visit her

      Czech Republic

      The list goes on

        You know what... i've been to about 23 countries and only 1 from that list... (Driving through czech republic doesn't count)

          I've got 12 Countries under my belt. I've been super lucky in where I've got to travel to. Mongolia and Iceland were the highlights. I'd go back to either of them tomorrow

            These wouldn't really be very high on my list of places to go. Mongolia maybe as a short stop over just because I don't know of anything to really see there, but I can't think of a reason to go to iceland.
            What's there to see in those 2 places?
            I would have thought Finland or Sweden would be similar to Iceland but with more to see?

              Haven't been to Sweden (yet), but I have been to Finland and I would say there is much more to see and do in Iceland. There are so may places to see. Blue Lagoon outside Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, countless waterfalls, Landmannalaugur mountain range in the centre of the country, National parks like Skaftafell or Vatnajokull, Jokusarlon glacial Lagoon, Westmann Islands and their Puffin nests...
              For more details see here

              The list goes on :)

              Mongolia has some amazing places as well. Lake Khovsgal, Bayan Zaq where there was a lot of fossils discovered, Khongoryn Els Sand dunes, Khakorin (Genghis Khan's old Capital), Uvs Nuur (White Lake). There are plenty of places to go. But the highlight of both of these countries are the people, everyone is so friendly, has a great sense of humour, always trying to help you out.

    Dream destination was Japan but ending up going there in many 3DS Street Passes.

    Been to Thailand and loved it.
    Been to Spain, loved it.

    I want to go to Japan to see the Studio Ghibli museum, but won't be going unless they stop whaling, as a form of silent protest.

      Studio Ghibli museum is awesome. My wife spent about $600 on assorted Totoro merchandise in the gift shop :P

      I'm just sad that I'm too big to go clambering about on the giant plush catbus they have there. They said it was only for kids :~(

        i went last year where they had an adult sized one. it was awesome. Also got to ride from Mitaka Station to the museum in a lifesize cat bus. My travel buddy wasnt a studio ghibli fan and had no idea why i was so excited to go, she now has watched every film...

    Probably Japan, unsure what exactly I would want to see..history, traditions, culture, scenery, public works, landmarks, festivities, city life, suburban life, rural life

    Or just go to Akihabara and Tokyo to indulge.

    Germany autobahn and nergbergring and all the top 1lt super bikes and the fastest cars from each manufacturer and just go fast

    I want to see it all. If I could I would wander off right now and just meander aimlessly around the world until I die.

    I think I'd only want to visit somewhere for an event. Like, I don't want to visit the US, but I do want to go to E3/PAX/RTX/Comicon, etc.

    I have some leave coming up in 2 weeks, but I'll probably spent it all at home, either cleaning or playing video games.

      hmm didn't I read something about a vaccuming video game? Perhaps you could combine the two? ;)

        I am pretty sure that my wife would literally murder me if I played a video game where I control a vacuum cleaner instead of actually vacuuming the apartment.

    ...Alice Springs

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    Germany/Poland, so I can see my ancestral home.
    Taiwan to get a broader experience of Asia.

    I'm the only person in my family that hasn't been to Europe yet, so I'd like to go there.

    Though after the Japan trip I had at the start of the year, I don't think I'll be able to afford something like that for a long time :/

    South Africa is high on my list, for some reason. Fortunately I'm currently working for some SA clients, so it looks like it might actually happen, and on someone else's dime :-)

      South Africa is awesome. Been twice and going again.

      Do Cape Town. Do the Great White cage dive. Do Kruger.

    Me? I'd love to go to Europe & the UK for festival season, I can imagine it now, Rock Am Ring, Rock Am Park, Roskilde Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, Metaltown, Download, Wacken Open Air, Sonisphere (though there's no 2013 festival), Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury, Bloodstock.. Oh the amount of awesome that would be.

    Of course I would have to have my friend from England who is also a festival goer accompany me! But honestly I would be only going to those if Stone Sour, Slipknot or both were appearing at them.

    I tend to do a fair bit of traveling with my hobby... so there's not really anywhere I'm dying to go.

    However, before I shed this mortal coil I'd like to do one of those adventure tours in New Zealand (Hang Gliding, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping, that clear rubber ball thing), and I'd like to walk Kakoda and climb Kilimanjaro.

    Unbelievably, like the picture, Calton hill is bathed in sun. I left the house today in a T-shirt and no jacket... IN EDINBURGH. I'm not really felling the holiday pull but after having a good stab at Europe I think I will be hitting SE Asia next but really want to see Mexico, more specifically Xilita a city which is akin to real life Ico.

    I lived in Utila, Honduras for a year. Some of the best diving in the world. I miss it greatly and would dearly love to return.

      I'm doing Central America with a tour. Looking forward to doing diving there. Mexico, Belize, Honduras. Cannot wait.

    2 weeks today is the start of my 14 months holiday. Going to Middle East - Africa - Asia - USA - Central America and then Europe.

    My dream trip would be either traversing Russia in Winter, or doing the Lapland region of Sweden and Norway.

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