Oh Man, Outcast Is Coming Back

In 1999, a game called Outcast was released. It was a God-damn revolution, one of the most ambitious games ever released, though one that's sadly been almost forgotten in the years since. So it's about time for a comeback!

The founders of the original game's development studio, Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet, have bought the rights to game off Atari, with the aim of reviving the franchise.

This is possibly the best news you will hear all week.

Seriously, look at the video above. In terms of open world design, enemy AI and visuals, it was lightyears ahead of its peers. Can't wait to see a more modern treatment.


    In gaming circles, Outcast has never been forgotten and when spoken of, is almost always talked about in a revered tone for what it offered and delivered. Truly a game ahead of its time, it perplexed people at the time because quite simply, they weren't prepared for it. I didn't quite understand it initially, but grew to love it, as did many I knew. Can't wait to see if it receives decent sequels, unfortunately in this day and age I predict standard shooters... O_o

      do you or anyone know of a good feature about these devs or this game for juniors like me to read? that video was hilarious, ride on ostriches few

    What I loved about Outcast was the option to switch from first-person to an exterior view, and even adjust the distance from close up to far out. So few games of this generation offer the option of both perspectives (Skyrim is all I can think of). There's no reason Battlefield or Call of Duty can't offer a 3rd-person view, or the other way round for Mass Effect and Gears of War.

    There seemed to be a number of these kind of games released at the turn of the century. Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Anachronox also come to mind as games that introduced brand new, visually lush universes with genre-bending gameplay.

    Interesting. I wonder what, if anything, this means for the recently revived Open Outcast?

    Also... no link to a source?

    it's $3 on gog.com right now

      Couldn't help it, bought, even if it's just for a nostalgia trip and being able to say: "LOOK! I can finally run it now!"

    Remember how we thought "OMG these graphics are so amazing, how can anything look better than this?"

      I remember thinking "Damn this game runs like a dog. Wish I could use my 3D accelerator. Lousy voxels".

      I've thought that so many times. I remember clearly thinking that when Far Cry came out - "this is it, computer graphics are DONE", and now it looks like such a simple cartoon compared to what we've got now. Until it looks like real life I'm never making that mistake again.

        It really makes me laugh when I hear people say things like that now. People say "we're reaching a limit on how good graphics can look". Then I watch a movie like Brave and see how far we've got to go

    I remember watching my mate play this for the first time, and the surprise we both had when the character stepped into snow, and the footfall changed to the crisp crunch of compressed snow.
    Contextual sound effects were still fairly sparse in games back then, and the fact it had been snowing for the past few days IRL and could we compare the sound, certainly made it stand out for its accuracy to detail.

    Hahaha... I'd forgotten the way he minced around the world :-)

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