OK, Gran Turismo 6, You're Lookin' Good

God, I have such a love-hate relationship with this series. On the one hand, it's boring, like a car brochure when it should be like a car. But then I love car brochures. So glossy, and aspirational...

The good thing about this clip is that so much of it is gameplay, reminding us that, hey, the PS4 might almost be upon us, but the PS3 is still lookin' pretty sharp.


    You find it boring because you obviously do not have an interest in motorsports or the cars themselves.

      Exactly. It is a motorsport/driving "simulator" not need for speed or fast and the furious.

      You're right. There has to be a love for cars to enjoy these games.
      I have GT 1-4 and there's only so many times i can play through these games.
      My interest in the series ended as soon as my interest in cars died... which happened to be when I started having to pay for my own rego, insurance, fuel and servicing :P

    Will we be allowed to race spec more than 0.005% of the cars this time?

      If we can, I just hope there's a way to block race cars or race modded cars from online races when you want to race street cars only.

      In GT5 it was a massive pain to get all the half-wits off the track in their race cars and into street cars because everyone seems to want that winning advantage on the track, even if it's technically unfair.

      And just to clarify, I'm not calling people into race cars or race modified cars half-wits... just the people who don't like to race fairly. :p

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        Wasn't that the point of the PP? You could set a limit.

          Sure was. You could fill PP with a natural aspirated high end car or balance it out with a really well tuned less powerful one. It worked reasonably well.

          Yes, but race and race modified cars always had tighter handling compared to their street counterparts, regardless of your car setup.

          Try driving the Amemiya RX-7 around your fav track at 550pp on sport soft, then tune a street RX-7 Spirit R to 550pp... go on the same track with the same tyres and match the time... you might get close if your driving is consistent but the extra time on the Amemiya will add up over a number of laps obviously. The Amemiya also has much tighter cornering... where the street car will feel a bit slippery.

          PP was also broken.
          For example, you could race a Caterham almost any other car with the same PP (pretty sure it was up around 600) and get smashed, purely because the Caterham has ridiculously low weight with low power resulting in low maximum speeds... it's just impossible to keep up regardless of how well your driving is.

          Let's hope the online options and PP, or whatever system they're using for GT6 is a little more refined than what was given to us in GT5. :)

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    Any long time GT player knows that the one thing they don't have to worry about is the quality of the graphics.

    The problem with the GT series (especially 5 and from what I've seen here, 6) is that yes it LOOKS absolutely spectacular, but it sounds oh so goddamn horrible. And I used to play older GT's religiously.

    The graphics are an improvement but it still looks lifeless.
    Crowd is stiff, and the environments are empty.
    Looks about as boring as a real racing track.

    Keeping in mind that I was a huge fan of the first couple of Gran Turismos, and a big car enthusiast, but I am found myself very unimpressed by GT 5 and 6. They cars do look nice. (Except for that Standard vs Premium car nonsense), but yes the sounds are very average. I am not saying that I have heard a Veyron sitting at 8000rpm in person but when your V12 sounds as tinny as the suziki swift with a sports exhaust, I can't help but be a little annoyed. Also, what happened to the vast selection of car models. Part of the charm of the old GTs was being able to find your own car in the second hand dealer, and pimping it out. Instead we are given 6 variations of the same cars. Skylines, WRX.. etc.

    at E3 it was reported terrible frame rate issues. this is a little too much for the PS3 guys. btw still looks like the cars are floating !
    waiting for GT7 should be ready in 10 years

    Looks hot. Sounds awful. Why does the car sound like a racecar from outside, but a washing machine from the driver's seat?

    I just hope they have all the car models in high def, not just a portion of them because they ran out of time.

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