Old-School Charm And A Deep Crafting System Meet In This Fantasy CRPG

This is Balrum. It's a top-down RPG, and it looks absolutely phenomenal. Sadly, it still needs to be funded.

The developers of Balrum, who call themselves Balcony Team, are promising a veritable bevy of features; a world filled with living NPCs, turn-based combat with over a hundred different spells and abilities, survival gameplay elements such as having to eat, drink and sleep, and the ability to craft any and every item you want to use from scratch — you can even build your own house.

To the left is a shot of the game's character window which, apart from enkindling warm fuzzies of the nostalgic kind, gives us a glimpse into what skills and stats the final game might have.

At the moment, the game's Kickstarter campaign is sitting at one-fifth funded, managing to collect $US10,722 out of a minimum of $US50,000 in 10 days. If you'd be up for a nostalgic romp through an old-school fantasy world, you can take a looksie over here.

Balrum by Balcony Team [Kickstarter]


    looks like a nice combination of the sims and diablo and age of empires and some sort of dungeons and dragons game...will be fun when its out

      That sounds exactly like the type of game I'm looking for.

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