One Girl Adorably Voices Nearly Every League Of Legends Champion

There's something about the way iluWinter mimics League of Legends champions here. It's not just that she tries for both the male and female voices — which not all of the compilation videos of this sort do — but that you can tell she's having a lot of fun. Enough fun that you can forgive the voices which don't hit the mark.

It's funnier that way, though, isn't it? That and it's insanely charming. And now to wait for part two! In the meantime, feel free to share your own personal favourite attempt at this — iluWinter certainly isn't the only one that's tried to voice all the champions.

Voicing ALL the League of Legends Champs! (A-M) [iluWinter]


    Must be cool to get paid for posting kinda neat Youtube videos.
    Rest of us are just suckers for doing it for free I guess.

    A lot of these were actually really good! (Janna, Fizz...)
    I laughed at the Ezreal ult sound and facial expression :P

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