One Piece's Creator Still Sidelined Amid Concerns

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, missed the deadline for several issues of his popular manga earlier this spring. He is still recovering.

According to the latest issue of Shonen Jump, which One Piece missed, the manga will also be missing the next issue.

Originally, Oda was hospitalised in May for a tonsil infection. One Piece was supposed to return to print in June, but now, it doesn't look like it will be back until at least August 5 when the next Shonen Jump goes on sale.

As J-Cast reports this week, there are certainly concerns online about Oda's health. It's worth noting that Oda seemed in good spirits when he gave an update about One Piece's status.

Oda is a workaholic. Last year, he said, "Well mornings... I get up at 5am, and I work until 2am. It's normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am." He also added that he has "no days off."

In an earlier interview, Oda said that making One Piece's last chapter long would make it more engaging. "I'm not worried about it being interesting," Oda added. "The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not my physical strength can hold up."

Oda gave this interview before he was admitted to the hospital in the spring.

Look, there's no rush. One Piece has been running since 1997. People can wait for Oda to fully recover, however long that takes.

ワンピース完結に不安の声 尾田栄一郎「ラストまで体力持つのか」[J-Cast]


    I have more concerns of him dying more than George R.R Martin now.

      I know right?
      and to think we still have a ways to go before one piece is finished is quite concerning. I hope he lives it out!!

        did he give an stimate as to when the series would end?

          He said that he was about half way through when we reached the 2 year gap in the story

          ahh i dont want it to end...
          1 of the best manga want it to go on foreverererereereree lol

    Are you telling me they still haven't found Gold Roger's loot?

      Naw, because it has been clear for a long time that is not something as mundane pirate treasure.

      Some think it is only one piece of gold, with the point being the ideal of freedom. Some think it is the truth about the 100 year lost history, the secret of the D's and the super weapons from the lost race

      lol its like ur asking
      "naruto hasnt became hokage yet?"

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