One Year Later, Fez Will Be Patched

One Year Later, Fez Will Be Patched

Fez will be patched, fixing a potential game-breaking bug, now that Microsoft is no longer charging studios for title updates. Fez creator Phil Fish tweeted the news on July 4, saying the patch would take “a couple of months”.

Last year, Fez was updated once on Xbox Live to fix some glitches; it was a free update per Microsoft’s policy at the time but the patch was removed when it created more problems. Another potentially fatal bug was spotted, but because it affected so few users, and because it would have cost “tens of thousands of dollars” to roll out a second title update, Fish said they’d be leaving the game as-is.

Last week, Microsoft confirmed that it stopped charging for title updates back in April, which came as a surprise to some, Fish included. He told Fez fans he’d inquire if the new policy also applied to his game, and apparently it does.

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    • Dooooo it! I was lucky enough to never have a problem with that game. Well, I had a couple of bugs here and there, but nothing as bad as what people reported with their save files.

      That Fox bit (won’t put details here in fear of spoilers) was still one of the coolest little things I’ve seen in a game.

      • Played around half of the game around launch before stopping for some reason. By the time I was about to get back into it they released that patch which made things worse – so I didn’t want to risk it!

        • The subsequent playthroughs were, interesting to say the least. Well worth experiencing.

  • If they could patch out the game inexplicably giving me a headache if I play it for more than half an hour, that’d be just lovely.

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