Our Monitors Show Us So Many Things. Now Show Us Your Monitors.

Unless you're reading this on a mobile phone or tablet, you're staring at a monitor right now. They are glowing portals that take us to work and play every day. What does your window to the digital world look like?

I'll show you mine, you show me yours — that's how this works, right?

Meet AOC Borderless 27 inch IPS one and two. For the past nine months, I've seen more of these twins than I have the ones that worked their way out of my wife a couple of years back. They might not be as cute, but they never smell and only scream when I want them to.

I love the borderless look, especially when they're being used in tandem. I love the IPS (in plane switching) technology, which allows me to see what they're trying to show me no matter where my office chair takes me. And I really dig the award-winning design, which allows the monitors to sit flush against a surface without a base (you can see that in action here).

One day I'm sure I'll upgrade. Maybe I'll go panoramic. Perhaps I'll get a monitor that goes higher than 1920x1080. I used to dream of having a bank of six monitors arranged in a 2x3 grid, so I could pretend I was in the Batcave. Maybe that will still happen, but for now, these are my eyes, and I love them.

Now it's your turn. What does your monitor setup look like? Do you prefer quality over quantity? Does size matter? Have you gone 3D? Is it your ideal configuration, or do you have massive monitor dreams? If your monitor exploded, how sad would you be?


    Here's a terrible picture I snapped for Twitter this weekend.

    A 27" Asus thingamabob and a 21.5" LG one. Both serviceable but I'm looking at nabbing two 24" BenQ monitors to replace them. That way I can have that tasty, tasty symmetry and can use the adjustable stands to get them to the right height instead of balancing them precariously on my copies of ASOIAF (I have them on my Kindle anyhow) and some old medical textbooks.

      My medical textbooks are not that old

    This is mine. I took this shot really for the DJ gear but figured it could be used here.

    It's 3 X Dell UH23HM (I think that's the model number)



    A bit weird at first but now I'm pretty used to it.

      You should move your chair closer to that screen........

    Here is my monitor setup, it's pretty nice. They are 3x Samsung 23" monitors and are really nice. The bezel seems pretty large in the picture, but isn't to noticeable.



    Dual Monitors. Left is a 22" AOC. Right is a 20" LG.

      Love that wallpaper! Always inspires me in the morning.

      Love that little Fat alien from Dr Who...


    Sorry about the mess. My current setup is a Dell 3014 30" bracketed by two 27" (Acer and Asus) that I both bought at different times for 3d vision (the newer Asus is much better in both 2d and 3d).

    My old CRT setup, which I am still very fond of, will be immortalised forever in this oil painting I did of them:


    It took me a long time to give up on CRTs, I always loved the colour and softness to them, but the weight of two of them threatened to bring down my desk!

      That's a damn nice painting!

        Thanks! You can see more down the bottom of this page:


        I haven't had any time to paint in a few years, too busy with kids and work. But one day I'll get back to it - art is fun (but it doesn't pay)!

      jesus that's scary, how do you play games with smeagol staring at you.

        I was going to put him under the desk but I thought that might be... inappropriate.

      Is every one else going to ignore the Oculus Rift in the bottom right hand side?

        They're awesome, but hold out for the consumer version as the resolution is so low it's distracting. Unless you're developing something, and then jump on board, because the future is happening! All aboard the VR train! WOO WOO! (fingers crossed it doesn't get derailed again - I reckon it's got a real chance this time).

    Just a standard 23'' Triple screen setup, I only use the triple for working can't be arsed lining them all up neat like to use them for gaming.


    Last edited 02/07/13 2:38 pm

      Ah yes, multi monitors are very useful for working... but being able to check a map of Chernarus when you need it is pretty neat too!

    I only have one monitor for my desktop, however I run my laptop dual screen for work.

    And yeah, I like Scarface... and yeah I like Diablo 3 *hides under a rock*.


    Dell U2711, calibrated for photos. and yes that is a photo I took on my desktop. and yes I LOVE halo and nintendo haha!


    24" LG and a handmedown 22" AOC which sorely needs replacing.
    3rd screen out of shot for use with notebook also.


    Here is Mine.


    3x ASUS VE248H 24in Widescreen LED Monitor
    Ergotech Triple LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B03.

    Running off a GTX680.

    No 3D just standard 1920x1080 screens. Wanting 27" ones now.

    I have three 27" IPS monitors each with a resolution of 2560x1440 for total of 7680x1440 (which I game at). The vast amount desktop space is very very useful.


      That is a glorious setup. Nice.

      I too thought I might enjoy gaming across 3 screens, but I didn't have the foresight to get 3 identical screens (all bought at different times) and unfortunately they don't play nice together.

    My current setup: http://i.imgur.com/qicogXL.jpg
    Two 22" monitors.

    2 24 inch dell 2405 fpw's...and associated mess...


    PLP. Yep. I'm one of "those" - Dell U3011 with 2x 2007FP on the sides.



    27" Asus PLS on the left @ 2560x1440, and a 27" BenQ LED on the right @ 1920x1080.


    Do everything gaming/personal on the Asus on my gaming rig, but the BenQ is hooked up to my server and both are shared with Input Director. Server runs dedicated game servers or movies/TV shows, sometimes just runs EVE as well.

    Last edited 02/07/13 11:34 pm

      What display manager are you running there? Looking for one to replace Display Fusion.

        Reply fail. See below.

    I just use Input Director, which is basically an IP-based KVM. There's two different computers there, one on each monitor. Input Director just lets you use one KB and mouse on two different PCs over the network.

    I was using Synergy, but it kept giving me problems.

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