Our PAX Australia Comp Is Almost Closed, Here Are Some Entries!

Consider this your last reminder — tomorrow at 10am our competition to win an expenses paid trip to PAX Australia, in addition to a state-of-the-art Razer laptop, will close and the judging will begin. Partly to reel in the stragglers, but mostly to share some of the amazing entries we've already received, I thought I'd put together this penultimate post!

We've already had some entries that have absolutely melted the synapses in my brain. Some are just completely ridiculous.

Head here for instructions and details on how to enter!

Good luck everyone. And please note that if you've submitted your drawing and it doesn't feature here, that doesn't mean you're out of the running — I haven't actually gone through them all yet!

(There are a lot of entries)


    Like I said on twitter, I feel better not entering this thing now.

    You guys have skills to pay the freakin' bills!

    That EBOY inspired entry is amazing.

      Agreed, it is so much fun to look at and find all the jokes.

      Also, The Last of Us one is beautifully drawn.

    This is the reason i hate most of Kotaku's comps
    Its almost never an even playing field :(

      Actually, it is an even playing field, in that everyone has the same tools.

        Yeah and creative competitions are probably a lot more interesting for Mark to judge than just randomly chosen stuff.

        I was more thinking skill wise. I cant draw for shit :(

        Incorrect, some people will have graphic tablets others will not.

          I used a mouse. :(

            Did yours look like you used a tablet though? :P If so I envy your mouse drawing skills!

        Also, I think it is fair to say that Mark isn't necessarily judging just how *great* you are at MSPaint - more that your image, whatever it may be, is entertaining, insane and beautiful, right?

        That's what I always tell myself anyway.

    I can't promise you a MS Paint Masterpiece, but I can promise that I'll be like a fusion between Sessler and Keighley - snorting lines of powered DewRitos, and selling out every last shred of my dignity for a few extra (website) hits.

    Thanks for posting these. Now I know not to bother rushing my entry tonight because I have no hope of winning. Well done everyone, some fantastic art there.

    Oh man, these are awesome! Well done to everyone that had a dip! Truly impressive!

      Yeah, in awe of some of the stuff here!

    Jeez. Disgustingly talented people. Ugh.

      I know. These competitions are always unfairly biased towards to pesky kids with their talent and their ability and their fancy shoes.

      A pox on them!

    The Last of Us one is amazingly good. Be sure to zoom in for the full detail. D:

    Well, now I don't mind ragequitting on this comp because after an hour of trying to get my tablet to work on my Windows computer... there is no emoticon to express my annoyance.
    I am too used to working on my Mac.

    I can't believe some of these have been done in MS Paint. There's some very talented people that visit this site.

    That also means my 0.0000001% chance of winning this has just evaporated to a 0.0000000000000000000000001% chance though :P

      I agree with you here.... but at least we tried, right?


    Duuuuuude D:

    Just wow!

      @miketarno I was totally going to tweet you saying I liked your entry but then I didn't because I don't know you and you don't know me. True story.

      Also, I do not envy you one bit @markserrels have fun judging this one! :D. MS Paint competitions are glorious.

        Hehe, thanks bud! Feel free to add me. Everyone didn't know anyone else at some stage or another, so we all have to start getting to know people somewhere. ;)

        I just started using Twitter recently so it's pretty barren at the moment. Which means that I would be ecstatic to have some followers.

    Not sure if good or bad that mine's not up there. Either it's too shit to post, or it's so awesome he didn't want to spoil things for you! :p

    I'll just keep telling myself it's the latter til I lose

    so what happened, did they have a stall for SR4 and state of decay?

    I think Matt Age 29 deserves to win, those speed lines, so awesome.

      Something tells me he's a cool guy too! :D

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