Our Picks For The Last Day Of Steam Sales

Every year (sometimes more than once) I look at these $5 and $10 games on Steam, knowing full well I won't have time to play them, and I buy them anyway. Because a) they're so damn cheap, and b) I know they're good games that I should get around to. But as the Pile of Shame trickles over into the Pile of Never Did Get Around To That, do you think I learn my lesson? Nope.

It's Encore Day in the Steam sale - your last chance to take advantage of some of these deals. We thought we'd put together a list of some games we know are fantastic deals for the price, and give you the opportunity to do the same in the comments. We're all about to get a little more time-poor. Here are the games we've been playing and can guarantee their fun-factor:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $6.24 USD A multiplayer medieval melee with brutal crunch sounds and often hilarious gameplay.

The Walking Dead - $6.24 USD Story and character driven take on the Walking Dead comics. Light on gameplay, heavy on the feels.

Torchlight 2 - $4.99 USD Top-down click-em-up without a lot of the restrictions of Diablo 3, but almost as addictive.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - $9.99 USD 4X space strategy played out in real-time. Massive space battles & economy management. Games can take many hours.

Saints Row: The Third - $4.99 USD Quite a recent open-world game with a very silly take on everything, going for very cheap.

FTL - $4.99 USD 2D space combat and exploration game with permadeath, akin to managing the Enterprise during a battle.

Hotline Miami - $4.99 USD A brutal combat game with some puzzle solving - lots of planning with an intense few seconds of action in each room.

Magicka - $4.99 USD Great co-op game in which you combine elements to cast different spells, and further combine those with your friends' spells.

Braid - $4.99 USD Jon Blow's masterpiece of classic game homage and puzzle solving. Brilliant level design.

Super Meat Boy - $7.49 USD Platforming perfection. Control a boy without skin, who sticks to walls, around deadly spikes. You will die many times.

Natural Selection 2 - $6.24 USD Very asymmetrical FPS/RTS with space marines vs aliens. One commander leading a team of soldiers in FPS mode.

The Last Remnant - $3.39 USD Not the best JRPG you'll play, but it's a steal. Combines real-time combat with classic RPG tropes.

There are way, way too many to list here - but think of this less as a "how to spend your money" list, and more as a "how to spend your time" list. I did consider adding DIRT 3 to that list, given its quality and current price of $8.49, but it has a large share of problems on the PC.

What games would you recommend to your fellow Kotakuers?


    the witcher 2 better get a flash sale by the end of today, i missed it the first time round because of bloody bank issues

      Dude, that was on GoG for $6 a couple of weeks ago.

        That's not helping lol

          Yeah if you're going to buy The Witcher 2, get it from GOG which is DRM free and its practically straight from the developers that way.

            Normally I would encourage @piat to do this as well (I love GOG, so much better than Steam) but... the guys behind GOG and The Witcher (2) are so awesome that if you buy it on Steam, you can enter your CD key on GOG and redeem the DRM-free version on their website as well.

              I'm ok with GOG, I'm ok with Steam, they're both awesome.

              I think Origin should die in a fire.

    Civ 5 Gold for $20 odd was by far the best deal for me these sales. First day I bought it a friend and I started playing and WOOPS there goes 7 hours.

    Weird to see it mentioning encore day since most of the sale was disappointingly repetitive. I did pick up FTL, Gunpoint & Hunted The Demon's Forge though

      I don't think there was a single day that borderlands 2 wasn't on the main Page for sales

      The weird thing was that certain games were on flash sale but not shown on the main page. Today they had fallout NV on sale but the other fallout games were on sale as well (with a larger discount)
      But earlier in the sale I found something else that was a daily deal but not shown on the page. Only because it was on my wishlist did I check and saw it was a limited time deal. Seemed odd to me

      How many times has Skyrim Legendary Edition been on sale again?

    I've waited all Sale for a flash sale for Battlefront II; alas no dice so ill have to stump up the $7. Also Braid for $5. I keep waiting for XBLA to drop the price and its never going to happen.

    Kerbal Space Program has eaten my time.
    10 minutes in, I thought "this isn't very fun, I'll probably play something else soon."
    Once I figured out some basic controls, that changed, and it was suddenly 3am. Oops.

      I saw this on Inside Gaming (they were playing this)...looks very very addictive...sounds like a game if I buy it...the sense of time will be removed from me..lol

      I'll plus one the Kerbal Space Program, i have just bought the game but i downloaded the demo on Saturday night, i was the same, once i did a tutorial level on the controls and learnt how to properly control the craft, all i have to learn now are building proper rocket stages and making them more stable.

      You are not the only one mate. Installed it at 6pm then next thing I know the sun is coming up and I need to be getting ready for work!!

    CIV and Skyrim were my biggest pickups. I've already got Skyrim on console however after the amount of crap I copped for choosing console I thought I had to give the superior PC version a shot. CIV, well I got CIV because CIV.

    I have roughly $4 from selling my trading cards. I'm looking at The Last Remnant, but am not entirely sure. Might look for any other RPGs before throwing down my fortune on it.

    If Orcs Must Die 2 pops up again in the last day I might grab that as well. The first one was great for small blasts of mindless gaming

      Last Remant is a pretty great RPG. The mechanics are really interesting as well.

      Its a good buy if you like RPG games, your other options would be like FF but that was on flash sale just recently and is still about double the price

    I picked up all of the OMD2 DLC, Guns of Icarus and Garrys Mod all up about $20 I know I will enjoy the DLC... but the other two well fingers crossed.


    I'll be honest, this sale kind of fizzled a bit near the end. Which is good for my wallet I suppose.

    I was slightly drunk on Saturday, now my steam library is full of games I can't remember buying ^^
    Dirt 3, Fez, Kerbal, Torchlight 2... and many more!

    As I own most of the games that were in this sale I was a little disappointed, but really envy anyone who came into to this sale as a new Steam user because there were some awesome games for so so cheap. I think my friends list got sick of me bugging them to buy games.

    I'm very happy with getting FTL for $2.50.

    Pretty much the majority of games listed above are essential additions to anyone's Steam library. My particular favourites are: TWD, TL2, FTL, Hotline Miami, Magicka, Braid and Super Meat Boy. Great games for great value!

    I wa abit annoyed that ArmA 3 didn't get a single discount I was hoping it might drop back to alpha price tag in a flash sale but never did :(
    Other than that not many games caught my eye as I have most of them already.

    I'll put in a recommendation for Prison Architect. It's still ion the 'yesterday's sale' items. Great fun for people who grew up with games like Theme Hospital.

      I haven't been able to keep off it, The bugs are quite annoying though.

        It's a fun game for the most part, but the bugs are seriously killing my enjoyment. I can only get so far working around bugs before my jail is a mess of things my workers can't path to, even though there's nothing blocking them.

    Mark Of the Ninja for $3.74 was a steal for me...

      Hell yeah. I started my second play through last night.

    I managed to pick up Kerbal Space Program, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Doom 3: BFG Edition and the Duke Nukem Platformer Pack, DNPP wasn't on the official sales but was 10% off for the duration of the sales event.

    I haven't spent nearly as much this time around because most of the games that interest me i already have but oh well, at least i saved a few bucks.

    lots of great stuff if you do a manual listing of games (front page doesn't tell you all the little odds and ends that have been 75% off for the whole sale), and another useful tip; check the homepages of some indie games because a fair few use the Humble store and several are matching the Steam deals - that means games like Monaco, Reus, Gunpoint and a couple of others can be had for about the same price but then you get DRM-free AND Steam versions for your money!

    didn't buy a single game this time around. still chewing through the christmas sale purchases.
    conquistidors expeditions finished last night shadowrun returns out in 3 days still on arkham city from the sales last time too.
    it never ends......

    I cleared $260.... But I did buy:
    Skyrim: Legendary
    Assassins Creed
    Assassins Creed 2
    F1 2012
    Torchlight 2
    Van Helsing
    War of the Roses
    Warhammer - Retribution
    Castle Crashers
    Max Payne 3
    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    Tomb Raider
    Arkham City GOTY
    Call of Juarez Gunslinger
    Darksiders 2
    X-com Enemy Unknown
    CIV 5
    Dirt 3
    L4D2 (god knows why)
    Fallout: NV Ultimate

    Works out to be about $10 a pop.... Damn Kingdoms of Amulur didn't drop at all... Intrigued but not $30 intrigued.

    The way I see it. If I'm not going to get around to playing the game before Xmas, then I won't buy it. They have been on sale before, and they will go on sale again. I spent probably $15 max this time around, but that got me Mark of the Ninja, Torchlight 2 (in a 4-pack), Strike Suit Zero Complete Bundle (for $5.99 when it was an insane 85% Off) and I think thats it actually. Probably closer to $12 really.

    Everything was "yeah...,would be good to have...maybe" but Xmas sales are on in 6 months time anyway and I can wait til then.

    I managed to pick up Killing Floor, Just Cause 1 when it was 30 cents, a copy of Just Cause 2 for a mate, all the Just Cause 2 DLC for me and I bought a key to trade for Hotline Miami

      If anyone thinks that's a bit little spent, all the money was earned selling cards. 4 games for clusters of pixels is a good deal!

    Wow, that Shogun 2 flash sale is pretty good too.

    My wallet was molested by this sale... I spent easily over -500.00 on 90+ games. Bought heaps of four packs and my mates cleaned up as well from my generosity. Glad the sale fizzled at the end cause I ran our of money

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