Penis-Powered Game Gets Oculus Rift Support

Custom Maid 3D, the erotic computer game with a cock controller, is grinding out a historic update: Oculus Rift support. VR gaming with things people put their penises in will never be the same!

Thanks to a new beta patch, now players can enjoy virtual reality head-mounted gaming as they enjoy controlling the game with their dicks — should they have one! As website Destructoid points out, the new patch supposedly makes this the first sex game with Oculus Rift support, beating Wicked Paradise.

As previously mentioned, the wireless peripheral controller is actually called "Ju-C Air". It has an analogue stick and an action button as well as a right and a left click, and the controller will respond and react in real time to your stroke speed and depth, but ignores feelings of shame and guilt.

成人向けの記事です。未成年の方はご覧頂けません。[Kiss Diary via Visual Novel Aer via SlashDong via Destructoid]


    aaaaaaaand now the Rift will sell a million units a month.

    Does your dick need to be a certain size for it to work :P. Lol

      Its a Japanese game, so it will have to be 'up' graded for a western release.

        Japan is actually beating (pun) America in average length lol

          Last edited 29/07/13 11:14 pm

    Using a penis controller to interact with characters who barely look 13 is a bit far in my book. I love my anime, and dont mind a few visual novels too, but adding that controller steps over my own personal line. No magic penis wand for me i guess...

    LOL. About time!
    Does it have dual shock vibration?
    There is no way the ACB will pass this in Australia.

    Last edited 30/07/13 10:49 am

      lol this guy win the internet
      "Does it have dual shock vibration?"

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