Pokemon Evolve. Why Don't Some Real Animals?

It's a good question! I mean, Darwinism holds that species evolve over time. Yet some creatures - sharks, crocodiles, cockroaches - have gone unchanged for millions of years. There must be an explanation for this. And whaddya know, here it is.

MiniMation No.1 - "Hold B Button" [YouTube]


    Erm sharks? Megaladons would like a word with you...

    i was expecting some kind of actual explanation from a evolutionary biologist, but I guess I'll have to settle for "because God doesnt want them to"...again.

      Never settle for that.


    Obvious answer = they stop levelling when they hit max level. Crocs and Sharks are already max level.

      Exactly what i was gunna say, sharks are the top of the food chain so why do they need to evolve? Things evolve out of a need to survive and sharks and crocs survive pretty damn well in my opinion

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