Porco Rosso On Blu-Ray Vs DVD: Which Is Better?

Recently, Studio Ghibli re-released its classic anime Porco Rosso on Blu-ray. Let's see how it stacks up to the DVD release.

Here's a comparison between the DVD version (on the left) and the new Blu-ray version (on the right). Note the rosso bits.

There were complaints about the My neighbour Totoro Blu-ray being grainy, and online in Japan, there are now complaints about the Porco Rosso Blu-ray's colour balance or people saying the recent Japanese TV broadcast version looked better. Some people are so hard to please!

Following the adventures of a World War I flying ace, Porco Rosso was originally released in 1992.



    When you look at them this small they look rather similar and its then a matter a preference as to a cool or warmer colour scheme.

    However when i look at them full sized on my IPS monitor its clear as day the original is hideous by comparison. Just look at the one with the 30 odd people, its so grainy/blurry you can hardly make out the faces.

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    Bluray looks a lot clearer and less ghost-y than the DVD screen grabs

    I guess if you like the old school way (DVD) change your TV settings to "warm" that should do the trick.

    I think many people are so used to movies shot or animated digitally that they forget that movies printed on film originally have natural grain. Personally I think the screencaps are fine with only a drop in brightness. I think some hardcore fans were expecting Disney's remastering process of their classic animations such as Snow White, which is probably the most expensive. Once you watch this without any comparison beside it you'll appreciate the pristine clarity over the difference in brightness.

    never seen this (slaps self 89 times) but I like the warmer colors.

    The new Blu-Ray release is undeniably superior. Such fidelity, finally we can see these masterpieces as there were created, with no compression.

    The JP releases of Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro on Bluray all have grain, but that's because it's in the original film used to make the movies. I prefer having that to what they ended up doing with the subsequent international releases, which is apply a blur over the top to remove the grain.

    Anyone know where to get the original pre-disney english dub of this movie. I have heard talk of cd japan but what about anywhere else?

    I'm not a fan of the colour variations in the mid and deeper hues on the BluRay. I prefer the magenta-sepia tones on the left.

    if u like old school art left is the way if u want something thats clear in a hd look go right ive got both

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