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Unfortunately for you, we’re back for yet another season of Potaku!

Welcome to Season 5! Thanks for joining us again and boy do we have an episode for you all! Shiggy, Doc and Pants are ready for another season of crazy hijinks, debacles and fun! This week, we talk about the wacky debacle of classification with Saints Row IV and State of Decay. We go back to the ye olde days of E3 2013 and what excited us and annoyed us (OH MY GOD GUYS CAT MARIO AND MEGA MAN IN SMASH BROS). The Xbone/Xbox One/Xbox 180 DRM policies are either made fun of or just something else, I don’t know, just listen to the show! It’s pretty great!

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Thanks for listening everyone, hope you have a good one and catch ya next week!


    XBone or Xbox One80 >:-O

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