Prank Calling Strangers Using Valve Soundbytes Is Hilarious

If the Skyrim prank didn't tip you off, calling people using a soundboard of a video game character is a popular trick. While funny, the prank works best when the person on the other end plays along — like this guy from a magic shop does when he receives a call from Dota 2's Anti-Mage.

Lots of props for being a good sport there, although you've got to think: this is a magic shop. Surely this call from HattonGames is not the most ridiculous one this guy has received?

Antimage Calls a Magic Shop (Dota 2) [HattonGames]


    Wow that guy has a great sense of humour!

    So funny!

    That was actually the first prank call I actually enjoyed for two reasons. 1) Not offensive or anything, ie chose an appropriate store / target. 2) Magic Mike had a great sense of humor to go with it.

    I sure hope the prank caller rang up afterwards and said thanks for being a good sport, I'd totally do that.

      Thanks for the kind words.. I must admit, it did catch me off guard a little but I enjoyed playing along... We get all kinds of odd calls to the store so it was not a huge surprise but I thought nothing more of this until we had the video posted onto our stores facebook page with a comment stating “You’re famous” :-)
      Thanks again Magic Mike (Store owner Dude That’s Cool Magic)

    One of the better prank calls, because the guy on the other end was playing along.
    Good stuff :)

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