Predator Riding An Alien? Star Wars Samurai? Now, This Is Cool.

Takayuki Takeya is one of Japan's most talented — and unusual figure sculptors. His work is sometimes dark and even disturbing, but it's always interesting and often very cool.

Recently in Tokyo, Takeya's work was on display at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. This was his first exhibit in over a decade. Have a look:

Takeya might be best known for his work on Bandai's Super Imaginative Chogokin line of figurines. That, or his Revoltech Takeya series of Buddhist statues. Takeya has also done video game work, such as overseeing the Yoshimitsu design on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Pictures: ohiko2000 , yamane02, jigokuRider, yokotamamoru, motomemodayo, オタクな一口馬主, Chiyoda, f_lisp, Ahiru Douraku


    Too...much...awesome... for one page to contain... O_O

    LOVE the predator riding the Alien steed!

      I know! This is awesome. It puts my Predator and Alien figurines to shame. I love how he infused Japanese styles into the creations - like that Stormtrooper samurai.

        Indeed, Vaders design apparently came originally from a Samurai suit or at least, was partially inspired (might have just been the helmet), but here it really gels so damn well... it makes me want to see someone do a feudal japan piece of art with all the starwars characters :D Hell, Lando can be the African American traveller who lands on the coast etc ala The Man with Iron Fists :D

          Oh man, that would be so cool! Maybe we can both spam Takeya's Twitter account with requests to do it. :P

          I can see how the inspiration for Vader's design could come from the Samurai suit. The whole theme is making me want to flick through my H. R. Giger book now.

            A quick google turned up some pretty fantastic pics:


            THIS one I find particularly fantastic, its figures, but still:


            Man, now I'm dying to see a high quality piece of art done... hope you enjoy these like I did!

            Last edited 04/07/13 10:50 pm

    Not sure how to reference them directly... but the 9th from the bottom - the torso with outstretched arm and horned head - looks a lot like Unicron from Transformers

    Epic stuff and insane craftsmanship.

    Can't believe I missed this exhibition... I love this guy.

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