Proteus Is Coming To The PlayStation 3 And The PS Vita

Proteus is the game that people complained about. "It's not a game," said silly people. "Who cares," said cool people — myself included of course — who just enjoyed the experience of Proteus. Gaming as a vacation. Gaming as exploration. Gaming as whatever the hell it wants to be. It's actually one of my favourite games of 2013 so far. And now, similar to Hotline Miami, Sony is bringing it to the PS3 and the PS Vita.

I support this idea. Big time. I love Sony's new Indie friendly direction, and I love the idea of being able to play these games on the move. For the longest time my Vita gathered dust, but I rescued in last week, charged it up. Went through the painful process of updating the firmware, fixing my credit card details, etc. Now my Vita is a Hotline Miami machine. It's a Thomas Was Alone machine. Very soon I expect it will be a Proteus machine — a perfectly portable and accessible way of playing some of the best most innovative games the PC indie space has to offer.

I hope this is just the beginning of something. I have a troubled past with my PS Vita, and I love its reinvention as a portable indie games machine. Long may it continue.

No word on a release date — we'll update as soon as we hear something concrete.


    I just started playing Hotline Miami on PS3 last night and I'm loving it. Starting to get more interested in the Vita too, if only because of the number of games I've already acquired for it through a mix of cross-buy PS3 titles and free Vita games from PS+.

    Just really needs a price cut - either that or bundle it with a much larger capacity memory card at the current price.

      The console price isn't too bad, but the memory cards are a rort.
      I've been dealing with a 4GB card since I got my Vita at launch, waiting for the cards to drop in price. It's ridiculous.

        That's why I haven't bought one - because the memory card is essentially part of the console price, since you can't really use it without one. Well, that, and the fact I don't really have so much use for a handheld console that there's any great urgency to buy one. And yeah, 4Gb is a joke. If I could get 16Gb included I'd think about it. 32Gb included and I'd go buy one today.

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        Cash converters has them pretty cheap if you have one nearby. I got an 8GB card for $15 rather than $50 or whatever ridiculous price they normally are.

          I was hoping they'd cut the price at E3 this year, but they didn't. I'm still holding out hope for a cut at Gamescom in August, so I'll at least wait until then before buying anything.

    I got my vita not long ago and I'm actually really digging it.

    I think Sony went a tiny bit awry when they pitched it as a portable home console. The hardware is god damn amazing for a handheld, don't get me wrong, but in games like AC liberation the frame rate really suffers sometimes; making it a chore.

    I think the indie thing is an awesome step in a new direction in that case. Shows that it can be a really pleasant console when people play to it's strengths rather than home console strengths. Also ports like ninja gaiden that lack depth but are fun as hell to play don't tax the hardware too much and work pretty well; so I guess I can see where they're coming from with the home console angle, but ninja gaiden has never been a glowing representation of a home console's capabilities.

    Miami Hotline is quite fun... really enjoying it, same with Velocity Ultra

    However, Thomas Was Alone?? Its just... boring....

    When the system first launched I made do with a 8GB card and played the transferring game until I was able to source a 'better' priced 32GB card.

    Juggling the content isn't really that bad and you can swap between over a handful of titles with ease. In any case most people wouldn't be playing more than 3-4 games at a time.

    Sony at the very least is offering a good entry level card with games now

    At the very least LBP, WipEout and MS:RC are worth the $40 you will be paying, most of the other titles are forgettable.

    There are bundles also available at most stores, so for under $300 you will be getting at least 3 retail titles, plus all the PSN titles... and if you are an existing PS+ member, then you are laughing even more.

      Strangely, JB have something similar for $42, but a few of the games seem to be different?

      It'd be nice if they offered that package with a choice of card sizes...

        Yeah, it's the same pack, EB have the wrong info posted... But if they offered a 32Gb card then you wouldn't need to buy another one! :p

        As I said it is great for entry level, and realistically can last you for a long time until a higher storage solution is viable, I'm waiting on the rumored 64Gb and 128Gb cards now, lol

    Vita needs more love, come on pls developers & publishers!!
    I'm really enjoying playing Wipeout 2048, so detailed!

    My friend showed me an Android game based on wipeout and boasted about the frame rate. I played it, and then played Wipeout again. The frame rate is excellent in both, but Wipeout on Vita is just so detailed! Just for kicks, I played 2 rounds of Wipeout HD on PS3 tonight and it looks underwhelming compared to what I see on the 5" OLED screen! haha

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