Quite Possibly The Slickest Battlefield 3 Montage Yet

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This is how shooter montages should be made! The slow pace, the dramatic approach and the proper choice of music set this Battlefield 3 clip by jackfrag way above those boring skill-focused montages.

All the vehicles, takedowns and other cool stuff are in there, edited into a thrilling video.

Addicted to Battlefield Montage [YouTube]


  • Well that’s just your opinion now isn’t it. I personally found it pretty boring. Only a few clips were interesting, harldy any were impressive, and most were utterly pointless. The slickest BF3 montage? Okkaaaay gimme back the crack pipe now matey.

  • I finally downloaded BF3 through PSPlus and I have to commend anyone that plays this game. I have noooo effing idea what’s going on at any given time in the campaign. Good thing to know I’ll die first if I’m ever conscripted. Twitch shooters are fine but this game? I can’t even complete the first mission.

    • I know your pain. I bought bf3 a couple of months after it came out on Xbox having never played a military fps. The learning curve was pretty steep, and there are few instructions available. A couple of tips.

      Avoid getting in a jet or helicopter, they’re too hard for new players and you’ll be shot out of the sky before you get far off the ground. Assault and Engineer are best load outs for new players. Stick with one main armament until you get used to it. Always join a squad so you don’t have to spawn at base.

      Should point out that this advice is for multiplayer.

  • It may not be the most exciting video – but it does remind me why I love this game so much – it’s just beautiful in motion.

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