Razer Doesn’t Make PS3 Accessories Because Its Boss Rarely Plays One

Razer Doesn’t Make PS3 Accessories Because Its Boss Rarely Plays One

Interesting moment of candor earlier today from Min-Liang Tan, the CEO and “chief gamer” of Razer, maker of peripherals, laptops and other gaming hardware. On Twitter, Tan offered that he was “dusting off my PS3” to play The Last of Us. That dust, he said, is the reason Razer doesn’t make products for that console.

Here’s what got everything started.

Sounds good. “I’m totally into story driven games,” he told another follower. “Looking forward to it.”

But then:

He went on to say that Infamous got him to spend “two straight days on it,” but that he hasn’t felt any need to return to it since. When another follower suggested his reasoning for not making PS3 peripherals was “selfish,” Tan didn’t back away.

Tan conceded that Razer fans who enjoy his products are shut out from using them on the PS3 for what seems like an arbitrary reason, “but there’s got to be games I want to play on the PS3. I really like Infamous so hopefully I’ll like Last of Us.”

Asked by the professional gamer Matias Oliva if Razer would be making anything for the PS4, Tan demurred.

“I had my PS3 for a long time, and it gathered a lot of dust,” he said. “Literally.”

Razer’s current console offerings include the Onza and Sabretooth line of gamepads, the Atrox fightstick and the Chimaera line of headsets for the Xbox 360, but no other console line is supported.

Razer Doesn’t Make PlayStation Accessories Because Its Boss’ PS3 “Gathered a Lot of Dust” [DualShockers]


  • well that would explain why I’ve never bought one of his products then. His call though, he can do what he wants with his company

  • So it could be profitable but dude doesn’t make peripherals because of personal preference? Uh… OK?

    Razer has a pretty poor customer service reputation and some of the peripherals seems heaps over-priced.

    • Razer’s customer service has thus far, been exemplar. They honoured the 90% off coupon code that was used to exploit their online store, where most other companies will simply cancel orders. Yes, they’re leaving money on the table by ignoring the PS3 but I’m also in his boat. I had to plug in my PS3 just for Last of US, because the last title I played was Uncharted 3 and the PS3 lost its place at the TV trough to my new ‘Steam Box.’

      • On the flipside of that, I’ll likely be plugging my 360 back in just to play GTA V lol.

        That’s not a stab at you, just saying I know exactly where you’re coming from.

      • I’ve found their customer service awful! I’ve got one of those Lycosa’s with the keys that always lock-on mid game and non-working media keys. A very common problem with this keyboard and one they claim to replace on warranty. Emailed them about it probably twenty times, never got a single reply.

      • I think they turned getting hacked into positive PR. Everyone I know who has warranty claims for their hardware has had to jump through so many hoops to get a replacement or repair.

    • I’ve got a PS3, 360 and PC, I play my PS3 more than my 360 these days honestly but this attitude coming from gamers is nothing but an entitled one. Nothing at all but that.

      The guy owns the company, he runs the company. It’s his personal choice to make these devices for the 360 and PC because that’s where his primary focus lay. So what if he doesn’t make a ps3 compatible device? It’s not going to be the end of the world.

      Do you know what the single best device is for the ps3? The standard PS3 controller. No third party controller for the ps3 beats it *yet* in terms of reliability.

      I normally don’t like this reasoning but I think here it’s rather apt. If you don’t like his reasoning then do what he did, start a company, get reputable and make your own devices. It’s what Razer did.

      Bloody entitled gamers.

      • I agree the standard controller for the ps3 feels more robust and solid but its layout annoys me and thats why I still prefer to use my batman controller on it when I play. I have a sabretooth controller for 360 and an onza before that. Love them both 🙂

  • And yet they’re doing just fine financially last I heard. A company has no responsibility to sell any time of anything. They make a product they want to sell and market to the people they want. May seem dumb to you, but as a business owner myself there are certain service I just cannot/ will not offer despite the potential profit as what I do offer is perfectly profitable as it is etc. 🙂

    • Exactly, it’s just the ‘entitled gamer syndrome’ rearing its ugly head.

  • I can totally understand his point of view. He probably only plays a few Ps exclusives on his console and everything else on 360. Like myself. So the fact that he doesn’t want to spend time designing a new controller for a machine he, himself doesn’t like to use why would he?

    But on the other hand he could easily just swap all the face buttons over to PS style and bam sony controller. Which i might actually buy then, because the 360 controller is already near perfect, why would i want a 3rd party one, while the ps3 is a hot piece of mess that is painful to use.

    • Seems like a whole lot of sour grapes from people here. “Yeah? He won’t make PS3 peripherals? Well… Razer sucks anyway! I never wanted your stupid peripherals!” Razer actually makes decent PC peripherals. If they made a PS4 controller in Xbox style (swapped the left analogue stick and D-pad), that would be a launch day purchase for me.

      • Razer does suck though, I have owned 4 Razer mice, all of which failed in one way or another within warranty. One of which was refused warranty replacement because I hadn’t contacted Razer directly within the warranty period. There are brands of equal to less value than Razer that do the job a thousand times better than Razer, unfortunately they have become the Apple of PC gaming peripherals.

        • Another piece of anecdotal evidence but after my razer naga (the renewed 2012 version) broke after a little over 6 months of use, I pretty much said I would never buy another razer peripheral again. Overreaction over a possible within probabilities break down? Perhaps, but if not it would mean I’d have thrown another 80 down the drain over a replacement (not covered by warranty because I bought of ebay apparently). Spent 60 on a logitech g600 instead and considering how the g9 lasted me almost 6 years, I have more confidence in it than I do the naga.

        • ^ every razor pc add on i have bought has broken within a few days or months of use, they are terribly made.

          I remember the Razer Lycosa, I had one from uk that broke, and 3 from EB. (I got refunds on all of them). If you look at review sites its probably similar to RROD in size, so many people claiming how the stuff is great to use but ALWAYS breaks multiple times within 1-2 years, sometimes far more often.

          Went Logitech in the end and never regretted it, may not be as “flashy” but it works better and 0 hiccups.

          @ strand i don’t really get what your saying. It reads as if your labeling my comments “sour” despite you saying the exact same thing i did. ( I .e make the ps3 controller identical to the 360 one)

        • Anecdotal evidence disproven everybody! I’ve had a lycosa and mamba for the last four years or so which are still performing better than anything else I’ve used, and have taken some pretty serious punishment – in terms of impacts and spillage.

          But they are made of flimsy materials and prone to breakage? Is it possible that my hard wearing of the product are signs that I have stumbled across the holy grail? An impossibility of durability and responsiveness? The ur-peripherals from whence all others are carved?

          Anecdotal evidence is bad evidence. What on earth are you guys DOING to your mice/keyboards?

          • My hardware gets normal but consistent use, and while I don’t think my personal experience is whole proof of the quality, anyone I’ve personally known to use them have had one or another issues with their products and looking online it is an extremely common opinion of their quality.

            So congratulations your Razer gear hasn’t been faulty shit, that doesn’t mean your positive experience negates a more common negative experience.

          • Aha, but to play devil’s advocate – if people were happy with the product, we’re less likely to hear from them than if they’re upset, so I think it’s safe to say that the more common experience is the positive one! Only three complaints here, and howevermany million sales worth of satisfied customers who read Kotaku but aren’t saying anything. 🙂

            (Shhhh. Donotquestionmylogic.)

  • Wouldn’t buy one of their overpriced weak as shit garbage controllers for my PS3 even if they made them.

  • Razer just makes crappy glittery and glitzy products anyway. What’s even worse is their marketing (aside from the fact that half of their advertising is paying ‘pro gamers’ to write up some seriously embarrassing stuff about their products). I shit you not – here is the write up they had for a metal flask they sold:

    “We recognise your body’s constant need for fluids and what better way to give it just that then with our stylish razer human coolant and fluid replenishing containment unit.

    Made from sturdy aluminum, this slick 500ML vessel when drunk from, will empower you with the same winning energy that athletes and pro-gamers get when they are victorious in their respective sports. You’d like to be fist-pumpingly victorious at gaming wouldn’t you?

    Yes you would.”

    … seriously? Give me a break. I had one shit mouse from them that wasn’t comfortable to use, and broke with less than 6 months of use (bought a Logitech G500 after that and I’ve been using that for years with no issues at all). Also borrowed a pair of razer headphones from a friend at a LAN once, and they were one of the most uncomfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever worn. I will never buy one of their products again.

    And here is another ridiculous advertisement for an iphone protection case (just in case the metal flask wasn’t stupid enough):

    “It comes as no surprise that you care about your iPhone 4 in the same way you care about gaming and life – with a hardcore attitude. By armoring your iPhone 4 in the silicone Protection Case by Razer, you’re telling the world to bring it because now your gaming, your life, and your smartphone are ready to take on any and all challenges for the win.”

    … *shakes head*. Perhaps if they spent the same amount of time on designing and testing their actual products as they do on coming up with flamboyant promotional BS.

  • It’s his company, so it’s his call, but personally I think that’s a pretty stupid reason to not make PS3 peripherals. That’s a slice of the market and more money he could have but is instead missing out on simply because he doesn’t play his PS3.

    • Maybe the slice isn’t worth the R&D? For the 6 axis stuff… Meh who cares? Its his company and its not like there aren’t ps3 peripherals made by other 3rd party companies.

  • Shame they don’t make wireless controllers, I’d like a better controller but sucks to running a cord across my lounge room like it’s the 90’s. Yes I’m aware that a wired controller is “higher performance”, but that kind of difference isn’t really going to be noticed by most people.

  • Razor are the only worthy 3rd party Xbox peripherals, IMO a shame PS3 don’t get them seeing how bad the PS3 controller was Razor would have made a killing

  • I know i’m going to get flamed by this, but to be honest, why on earth would I buy a razer anything for a playstation anyway? When my Logitech G9 died after 5 years of solid use, I got myself a Razer Mamba and it was a complete waste of money… since then against my better judgement I got a razer headset, and the microphone static is catastrophic. If they cant get PC stuff right, I wouldn’t expect them to get console stuff right.

  • All i can say is, thank god they don’t. PS3 gamers don’t need another crap chinese overpriced peripheral.
    I used to own everything Razer, but the quality has turned to shit and it breaks or stops working of its own accord. I’m never buying anything Razer ever again. The only thing i’m keeping is the mouse bungee and kabuto mat for my laptop.

  • I see his point, but it’s kinda like the CEO of Ford saying “I’m not gonna drive a small car, so why should we build one?”

  • I think if he doesn’t care about PS3 and PS3 gamers then it’s probably a good thing they don’t make PS3 controllers. If you knew that the only reason they were making things for you was money you’d have to assume they aren’t going to put much effort into it.

    You have to respect his honesty, if not his terrible choice of console! 🙂

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